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Image by Melissa Askew
Image by Melissa Askew

The Soul Star Chakra

Location: 12in (30cm) above the crown, immediately above the causal chakra


Color: Magenta


Purpose: Holds every single gift, talent and spiritual achievement that has been gained during a soul's journey. This includes knowledge and wisdom earned during lives that have been experienced in other bodies, dimensional spaces and universes. So once this chakra becomes active, a magnificent library of information becomes available to the seeker.


To develop and activate the Soul Star chakra:

  1. Becomes accessible when the soul accepts their spiritual mission.

  2. Work with Archangels Zadkiel and Mariel to develop and activate.

  3. Meditate on seeing golden illuminated doorways that store etheric knowledge connected to your monadic presence, Hollow Earth, the Halls of Amenti and the Akashic records.

  4. Follow your heart and begin to open yourself up to your spiritual path and purpose.

  5. Wear magenta

  6. Meditate with Rhodochrosite or other magenta stones or crystals

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