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Class Description

In person meditation! Limited space!

Tues Apr 30th 6:30pm

Our Crystal Integration Meditation is a guided practice that encourages individuals to explore a deeper connection with crystals. During the meditation, participants immerse themselves in a tranquil experience, allowing the soothing vibrations of crystals to align with their energy. The aim is to foster balance and a profound sense of well-being through the harmonizing influence of these natural elements. It's a transformative journey that combines mindfulness with the unique properties of crystals to enhance the overall meditation experience.

💎Each participant will receive a crystal to take home!

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Crystal Rocks

About the Facilitator

My hope is to spread healing energy and empowerment through my work.

I believe that you are the creator of your reality and have the power to heal, inspire confidence, and enhance your spiritual life. Through inner work, strong intention and perseverance anything is possible.

I know this because I’ve experienced it in my own life. I had a lucrative corporate career and in spite of my apparent success, I was extremely unhappy. My life began spiraling out of control, until one day I found myself facing my dark night of the soul. Toward the end of a decade long cycle, it appeared I had lost everything. I had lost everything except a deep spark within which I believe is source energy and exists in all living things. My path toward remembrance back to light, back to love, began then.

I quit my corporate job to take some time for reflection and healing. It was during this period that I took my first wire wrapping class. Surrounding myself with the different energies of crystals inspired me to do some deep inner work, unlocking intuitive gifts I didn’t fully realize I had. Solrayz Jewelry manifested shortly after.

May you find inspiration and a little ray of sunshine in my work. -Sol Munoz

Crystal Rocks
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