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Rise From The Ashes
Jewelry Making for
Self-Regulation and Healing

If you are wanting to explore jewelry making for self-healing, this workshop is for you.


Working with your hands is an ancient healing practice. It is a spiritual journey that brings you into the present moment and promotes deep self-embodiment and regulation. It is magical!


Since ancient times women have made art with their hands. There is deep medicine in this. We will bring this power back to our hands through this practice.


What materials are included:

Crystal beads to choose from, tools if needed and stringing material.

What you will learn:

  • Somatic practices such as breath work, pendulation and meditation. This will help you connect with your body, release tension, and foster a sense of grounding.

  • The energetic properties of the crystals we are using and how to activate them.

  • How to create your very own beaded necklace as Sol invites you to feel into your body, observing where there may be constriction and guide you in how to transmute it.

  • Ways to step into observation and allow your body to regulate itself.

  • The class will close with a rite of passage ceremony to integrate this new template and initiate ourselves into a new chapter.


No prior experience in jewelry-making or crystal healing is necessary. Sol will walk you through the entire process.


You will walk away with your very own piece of Jewlery to represent growth, transformation and the beginning of a new, more embodied and empowered you!

Class Date/Time: Sat Feb 24th 10am-3pm (with a 1hr lunch break)

Total Investment: $222

Class enrollment: This class size is limited to 8. Register Here to reserve your spot.

About Sol:

My hope is to spread healing energy and empowerment through my work.

I believe that you are the creator of your reality and have the power to heal, inspire confidence, and enhance your spiritual life. Through inner work, strong intention and perseverance anything is possible.

I know this because I’ve experienced it in my own life. I had a lucrative corporate career and in spite of my apparent success, I was extremely unhappy. My life began spiraling out of control, until one day I found myself facing my dark night of the soul. Toward the end of a decade long cycle, it appeared I had lost everything. I had lost everything except a deep spark within which I believe is source energy and exists in all living things. My path toward remembrance back to light, back to love, began then.

I quit my corporate job to take some time for reflection and healing. It was during this period that I took my first wire wrapping class. Surrounding myself with the different energies of crystals inspired me to do some deep inner work, unlocking intuitive gifts I didn’t fully realize I had. Solrayz Jewelry manifested shortly after.

May you find inspiration and a little ray of sunshine in my work. -Sol

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