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 Karuna Reiki®Master class

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A truly magical and deeply healing class! The Karuna Reiki® Master class is a Master level class for anyone who has already completed a Reiki Master training class and is ready to deepen their Reiki practice and experience deep healing. If you do not like using symbols in your practice then this class is not recommended for you since 9 symbols are introduced. 

Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism and Buddhism meaning "to diminish the suffering of others" or "compassionate action." 

Karuna Reiki® provide deep healing and opens you to work more closely with all enlightened beings. This includes those enlightened ones who are physically present as well as those in spirit.

High level overview:

This is both a practitioner and master class. The master Ignitions/Attunements both initiate the student as a Karuna Master with the ability to teach and give Ignitions and attunes the student to each of the 9 practitioner symbols for use in sessions.
Each student will receive powerful energy upgrades
Participants will learn and practice 9 symbols, the Holy Fire® symbol & 8 Powerful Karuna Reiki® symbols 
Students will learn and practice Chanting and Toning techniques to break up dense energy and heal on all levels
Participants will deepen their connection with guides and angels


Day 1 Agenda

Review Soul, Spirit & the 12 Heavens 

Review upgraded Holy Fire® III Karuna energy & origin

Learn about Holy Fire® III Experiences, Placements and Ignitions

Review how the Placement process will replace the  attunement process going forward when teaching Reiki classes

Review the 4 Ignitions given in the Holy Fire® III Karuna class

Review and discuss the 9 Holy Fire® III Karuna symbols 

Discuss the concepts of the Authentic Self, the Culturally Created Self and the Dormant Self.

Participate in the Healing in the River of Life experience

Review a brief history of Reiki, Holy Fire III & Karuna Reiki

Learn how to leverage spiritual guidance with Holy Fire® III by working with the Brothers & Sisters of Light, Ascended Masters, Angels & Guides of the Highest Heaven.

Practice using the Holy Fire® and the first 4 Karuna I symbols 


Day 2 Agenda

Review Placement and Ignition process when teaching Holy Fire® classes including I and II, Usui/Holy Fire® Master and Karuna.

Review class outlines and teaching tools for all Reiki levels (1, 2, 3, Master & Karuna)

Practice Holy Fire® and the next 4 Karuna II symbols

Review & practice Chanting & Toning using the Holy Fire® & Karuna symbols

Review how to release negative spirits and how to conduct the Healing Spirit Attachment process.

Practice using all 9 Holy Fire® & Karuna symbols in a session

Pre-requisites: Completion of Reiki Master training from any Reiki lineage at least 6 months prior to class. 
Please contact me before enrolling if you have taken an online/virtual course for your Reiki 1-Master certification so that I can verify whether you have the correct foundation of information before continuing your studies. 

Tuition: $700 The $100 deposit is applied to the $700 fee. The $600 balance is due 1 month prior to class.

Registration: For class dates/times, fees and registration, visit our Class Registration page.

Questions: Contact Us

Student Testimonials

"An Amazing and Powerful Class! I had received attunement from another reiki master who taught riyoho- I found the Reiki 1 class offered at Divine Spark to be much more informative in terms of practical techniques to begin to better understand and work with energy and giving reiki".-Maya 

"I feel like I'm vibrating on a new frequency after taking the Reiki 2 class!I feel empowered.My body is so happy. I feel lighter and my stamina is no joke. I'm excited to practice on people. It was a truly magickal and very special class."-Sol

"The Karuna® Reiki Master class took me to a deeper level than I expected. Learning from the teachings written, the teacher's experiences, my classmate's experiences and my own soulful awakening have all inspired me to teach my first class. I have already had a distance healing opportunity and my calendar started filling up today with appointments. Taking this step of faith in my awakening has proven itself and I know Rachel was designed to be my teacher! Thank you, thank you, thank you! With Love and Compassion,"-Vcikie

Karuna Holy Fire Master Class: I didn’t know what to expect; however, the class was everything that I needed it to be. I enjoyed the visual, repetition, and practice exercises we were able to experience during both days. The topics eased into each other and nothing was missed or rushed, I felt. As an instructor, you were thorough, organized and spent time correcting our learning and techniques that will only help each of us grow. Well done. I honestly can’t think of any constructive feedback for improvement.  Meg

Hi Rachel, thank you for presenting such a fabulous Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master class. For me, it was very profound. Words can't describe the internal changes I have felt. I truly feel this is a continuation of my journey . I will continue my journey with a full heart and compassion. I will live in my truth. And I will spread love. Thank you, Judy

The whole Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master experience for me was incredibly enriching to my body mind and soul. I feel more connected myself and to everyone around me and to nature. I feel like my brain is working better! My thoughts and intentions are clearer. Meditation seems easier to fall into. I also feel like manifesting and cultivating my dreams and goals are easier! I feel more beautiful on the inside and out. I feel so naturally happy! I feel like letting go of unhealthy attachments are easy.  Thank you a zillion times! I look forward to diving deeper into all that empowers me and the universe! All in all I feel great! Sierra

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