Reiki Healing & Energywork

Relax and balance your energy centers with a Reiki healing session. During a Reiki treatment hands are gently placed on the chakras (energy centers) encouraging a healthy energy flow throughout the body. In addition to Chakra Balancing and Aura Balancing, At Divine Spark we also select and place crystals based on the client's specific needs. We also incorporate Sound healing into the session. Quartz crystal singing bowls and Himalayan bowls are played to clear blockages and balance the mind, body and spirit on a cellular, molecular and energetic level. Clients report feeling lighter, balanced and refreshed, as well as deep relaxation and renewal.

30min Session: New to Reiki and want to try it out? Need a quick pick me up? Or perhaps you need a quick tune-up in between your regularly scheduled appointments? This mini Reiki session focuses on the main area(s) that are out of balance. This is an abbreviated session. Please choose the 60min or 75min session if you prefer a a more in-depth session that includes all of the chakras ans a detailed post-consultation with lifestyle recommendations. 

60min Session: Our most commonly booked session. Balance your energy, clear blockages, reduce stress, feel lighter and maintain your healthy glow!

75min Ssession:  For deeper relief choose the 75min session. Enjoy all of the benefits and components mentioned above as well as the following: This deeper energywork session removes stagnant energy, psychic cords, energetic attachments and emotional blockages. Perfect for cutting psychic cords, releasing layers of stress and traumas from the past and renewing your spirit and sense of self. Great for relaxation, stress relief, reducing anxiety, pain relief, healing past wounds and finding your center. We recommend the 90min session if you feel that you may have a spirit attachment. 

60min & 75min sessions Include a pre and post session consultation with lifestyle recommendations. Aromatherapy included in all sessions. Video: What is Reiki? Questions? Check out our FAQs 

$55|30min  $85|60min  $100|75min

Windgate therapy is recommended for clients with quick or racing thoughts, anxiety, scattered behavior patterns, nervous energy, insomnia, headaches and pain. Relax and find your balance with windgate therapy. Windgate therapy is an amazing ancient method that assists in balancing mental states, emotional well-being and physical vitality. Pulses are taken at the Aorta, Femoral and Brachial arteries as well as at secondary windgate pulses throughout the body to determine where there are blockages and imbalances to be cleared. Pressure is applied to these areas to reset the passageways so that they can operate more efficiently. Divine Spark combines Reiki with Windgate Therapy to ensure a steady energy flow throughout the whole body. $85|60min

This deeply relaxing session combines Reiki Healing with Cupping. During cupping, glass fire cups are placed on the back pulling cellular debris, poisons, stagnation and excess fluids to the surface which can then be eliminated by the lymphatic system. Then receive an uplifting Reiki with crystals and sound therapy session. Allow your mind, body & spirit to be gently wrapped in a warm surrender. This session can assist in stress reduction, relieving migraines, detoxing, alleviating depression, reducing pain and tightness in the neck, back and shoulders. Find your balance, release pain, and have a fresh start.  $120|75min

Relax and relieve pain & tension. This session combines Reiki Healing and Scraping. Scraping both nourishes and detoxifies the body. A tool made from buffalo horn is pulled across the skin which forces blood and oxygen to the area treated, breaking up knots & removing emotional trauma and attachments. Then receive an uplifting Reiki with crystals and sound therapy session. Allow your mind, body & spirit to be gently wrapped in a warm surrender. This session assists in relieving migraines, releasing the past, detoxing, calming anxiety, removing attachments, recovering heartache and making space for new revitalizing energy to fill you. Find your balance, release pain, and have a fresh start. $120|75min

​Get the best of both worlds! This heavenly session combines Massage & Reiki. Enjoy a combination of Therapeutic Massage to relax and relieve pain & tension. In addition, wrap yourself in a warm surrender with Reiki to clear balance your energy centers. 

$130|90min  $160|120min

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Massage Therapy, Thai Massage, Therapeutic Massage, CBD Massage, Reiki energy healing, cupping, scraping, & sound therapy are modalities that facilitate access to a person’s internal resources to assist him/her in solving problems, reducing pain, recovering from injuries, relieving fatigue, reducing stress, alleviating anxiety, relieving depression, increasing motivation, relieving insomnia, improving quality of life, improving overall physical vitality or altering behavior patterns to create positive change. These therapies are not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. Divine Spark does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and their services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric care, or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.