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Aura Balancing

What is Reiki with Aura Balancing?

Renew your spirit and sense of self with a 90min Reiki with aura balancing session. During this deeply healing session, the Reiki Master first cleanses and clears the chakras and aura using high frequency essential oils. Next the practitioner selects sacred sound instruments to remove any Byoki (negative energy) or energy artifacts that have been collected in their energy field. These artifacts can block the energy flow and create imbalances within the body and energy bodies creating, lethargy, depression, anxiety, nervousness, confusion, or general malaise.


Next the practitioner scans the body using a dowsing technique utilizing crystal infused water to remove energetic attachments, emotional blockages and stagnant energy from the aura and chakras. This session is perfect for cutting psychic cords, releasing karmic cycles and layers of stress and traumas from the past. The practitioner then fills each chakra with Reiki to restore and create balance throughout the body and aura. Crystals are hand selected to be placed on and around the body to assist in the release process and to bring in new revitalized energy. We also recommend this session is you feel that you may have a spirit attachment.

10 Signs you need aura balancing?

  1. Feeling lethargic without explanation

  2. Having repeating patterns or cycles in your life

  3. Sudden unexplained illness when you are usually healthy

  4. Not feeling like yourself

  5. Sudden personality changes

  6. Confusion about your purpose and/or direction in life

  7. Feeling heavy and unmotivated

  8. Extreme and unexplained emotions (anger, sorrow etc...)

  9. Difficulty focusing or completing tasks

  10. Unexplained physical pain or phantom pains that come and go

This is not meant to treat or diagnose illnesses. If you are under the care of a physician we recommend that you continue treatment.


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Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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