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12 Benefits of Learning Reiki

Many people ask-what are the benefits of learning Reiki. Some students learn Reiki to develop their spiritual gifts, some seek it out for their own inner healing work, while others are drawn to helping others. Here are the top 12 benefits of learning Reiki.

1) Upgrade your frequency ⭐️

Clear and balance your energy and pathways so that you are able to hold and channel a higher frequency of energy. This will also assist in clearing and balancing your chakras and aura.

2) Self-healing 💖

Learn how to maintain and balance your own energy to remove blockages and imbalances and improve your health so that you are feeling your best.

3) Send healing energy ✨

Learn how to send healing energy to support your friends, family members, pets and clients. During the level 2 Reiki class, you will also learn how to send distance Reiki to anyone or anywhere in the world.

4) Open up and develop your psychic gifts 🔮

Reiki attunements and placements are a very powerful tool for not only clearing and healing your body and energy bodies but it also assists in enhancing your psychic gifts and abilities. If you are working on opening your third-eye or developing your spiritual gifts Reiki is a wonderful way to open you up to these abilities.

5) Learn powerful tools for protection 🧿

If you are sensitive to energy (an intuitive, empath etc...) then Reiki can provide a powerful layer of protection. You will also learn powerful tools to protect your energy so that you are not overwhelmed or negatively affected by the energy around you.

6) Strengthen or build your connections with your guides and angels 😇

Reiki is a wonderful tool to strengthen your connection and in building a relationship with your angels and guides so that they may assist and support you on your path.

7) Transmute energy⚡️

Reiki can be used to raise the frequency of any space or situation. Clear your home, clear your workplace or clear a space where you will be attending a party or event.

8) Manifestation & Goal attainment 🎯

Reiki can be used to enhance goal attainment to support and assist you in navigating your path. It opens up your third eye which is our center of manifestation and also opens up your solar plexus to remove blocks from moving forward. The Reiki energy can be used to infuse and focus your goals.

9) Relationship and communication enhancement 🗣️

Reiki can be used to clear confusion in interactions and helps to obtain clear communication and resolving conflicts. It assists in creating harmonious relationships and assists you in clearing out toxic relationships.

10) Heal traumas from this life and past lives ❤️‍🩹

Reiki can be used to heal all types of traumas so that you can move forward by retaining the lessons and strengths and let go of the trauma. The Reiki II symbols assist in clearing traumas from this life as well as past lives.

11) Access the Akasha 🪬

Use Reiki to access the Akashic records to shift the past and influence the presence and future in a positive way or access the Akasha to gain insight on the best path or method to move forward.

12) Heal the Earth 🌎

Use Reiki to send ripples of healing energy to anywhere on the Earth to heal nature or remove residual energy or to restore nature and nature spirits.

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Benefits of learning Reiki


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