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CBD Massage: What our clients are saying

Have you thought about adding CBD to your massage? Check out what our clients are saying about their CBD experience:

I researched a number of massage therapists in the Richmond area before choosing Divine Spark, and it was everything I hoped for! The atmosphere is safe, calm, and comfortable. I cam in feeling physical pain and emotional stress, and left feeling great relief from both after a CBD massage with Khepera. The pain in my back and neck have continued to melt away in the days following the treatment, so I know that she skillfully identified and worked through the tension I have been carrying. I felt that Khepera made the absolute most of my time, and she offered personalized recommendations before I left. I plan to return for another session, and would recommend Khepera and Divine Spark 100%! Lauren P

I had a CBD massage done by Tiffany and it changed my life! I had been experiencing low back pain for several months to a year due to weightlifting and the nature of my job. After experiencing no other than the best massage I've ever had. I slept for the very first time PAIN FREE!!! It has been 22hrs now post massage and I'm still pain free and feel amazing! I just can't believe this! She was phenomenal. I will be continuing to see her!!!! Bridgitte W

Divine Spark offers a variety of unique and wonderful wellness choices. I had an amazing full spectrum CBD massage yesterday that left me feeling much better than when I walked in. The entire experience flowed nicely allowing me to completely relax and let the practitioner work their magic! Hope H

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