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Are you interested in learning Thai Massage? You're in luck! We are blessed to have Sarah Cheiky traveling from Cleveland Oh to share her wealth of knowledge & experience.

Thai Massage Level 1-"Classic Routine" NCTMB 40 Hr CE Certification

This class is Wonderful for licensed massage therapists who would like to add Thai massage to their repertoire and Great for the yogi with an understanding of personal practice and interest in physical assisting and beginning hands on techniques. We will cover the basic principles, ethics, bodywork and theory of the Thai Healing Art of interactive massage, energy meridian work, and yoga treatment. This is the “Classic Routine" or Massage formalized by Ajahn Sintorn Chaichakan the founder of The Traditional Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang, Mai Thailand; As recorded and published by C. Pierce Salguero & David Roylance, in The Encyclopedia of Thai Massage. This will be taught with Westernized safety precautions for the client and practitioner by S. Cheiky. Building the structural base on which to build a solid Thai massage practice. Students will learn hands on Thai massage techniques, thumbing the major Sen Lines of the arms and legs with beginning assisted yoga postures for the lower body. You will learn assisted yoga stretches, with back massage, shoulder mobilization, neck & head series as options and Thai culture. Students will have and have ample practice time to both give and receive the Thai massage techniques learned in class. • Discuss the Basic Principles & Ethics of Thai Massage • Become familiar with the History of Thai Culture and Spirituality • Learn the 10 major Sen Lines- Energy Meridian Work • Massage Techniques including: Thumbing, Palming, Forearms and Elbows • Introduction to Abdominal Massage, as well as using knees and feet • Learn Proper Body Mechanics • Learn Basic Anatomy • Learn Breathing and Meditation techniques • The Classic series provides a full Thai sequence with over 120 moves and over 60 Individual Stretches & Yoga Assists. Class dates: Jan 17th-21st 2022 9:30am-6:30pm daily ​ Total Investment: $1110 Deposit: $100 (paid via paypal when registering online) Remaining Balance Due 1 month prior to class (by Dec 17th): $1010 *$100 Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please make sure you secure the class dates to ensure you can attend. *Full attendance is required for hours. ​ Questions: Contact Us Register Here: Registration Page

Thai Massage Level 2-Intermediate

Intermediate Bodywork & Advanced Thai Massage Postures ~ NCBTMB CE Certificate - 20 Hours Change comes in many forms. Covering all Side-lying, Seated, Walking and some Advanced yoga assists, all to better prepare you for your discovery in the Art of Thai Massage and other new flowing forms! Pre-requisites: Thai Massage Level 1-Basic Routine from any lineage We have many students who want to further their practice, education and have a few questions about the 'Classic Routine' course information. Here we have the opportunity to discuss frequently brought up questions about the practices or mechanics of Thai Massage in general. In this course we will gain more knowledge and practice by:

  • Reviewing Materials from “Classic Routine”

  • Answering questions about students personal practices, hangups, discoveries, etc.

  • Learning Essential Posture Variations for Side-lying and Seated massage

  • Being guided Safely through New Advanced Yoga Stretches and Postures

  • Introduction to and practicing Walking Massage.

  • Gaining experience with Acupressure using varying techniques; forearms, elbows and knees

  • Deepening our awareness of the 10 major Sen Lines of Thai healing.

  • Understanding Hot/Cold & “Therapeutic” Considerations/ Contraindications

*Full attendance is required for 20 CE hours. ​ Class dates: Jan 24th-26th 2022 9:30am-6:30pm daily ​ Total Investment: $555 Deposit: $100 (deposits are paid via paypal when registering) Remaining balance due 1 month prior to class: $455 ​ *Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please clear your schedule so that you can guarantee attendance. ​ Questions: Contact Us Register Here: Registration Page

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