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Sound Bath

Golden Harvest Sound Immersion

Step into a realm of transformative tranquility with our "Golden Harvest Sound Immersion" – a celestial Sound Bath experience led by Rick Plautz of The Bell Garden, to celebrate the profound energies of the autumn equinox, also known as Mabon.

What is the Autumn Equinoz or Mabon?

As the sun hovers in equilibrium, casting its golden glow, the autumn equinox marks a sacred juncture of balance between light and dark. Mabon, a time of gratitude and reflection, invites us to harvest the fruits of our labor and embrace the shifting rhythms of the Earth. Just as nature begins its quiet descent into slumber, we too undergo a spiritual journey of introspection and renewal.


What to expect at the Golden Harvest Sound Immersion?

During this mystical event, let the enchanting sounds envelop you, carrying you away on a voyage of self-discovery and renewal. The resonance of crystal bowls, ambient music and the vocals of facilitator Rick Plautz will guide you through an immersive experience designed to resonate with the profound spiritual shifts that accompany the fall equinox.


How can the Sound Bath support my transition into autumn?

As we embrace the waning sunlight and lengthening shadows, we open ourselves to inner transformation. The gentle melodies of the sound bath mirror the delicate dance between light and dark, echoing the balance we seek within. Each note becomes a thread connecting us to the rhythms of the season, encouraging release and growth in equal measure.


Allow the sacred sounds to resonate through your being, nurturing a deep sense of harmony and unity. As the leaves fall and nature surrenders to change, so too can we release what no longer serves us. The sound immersion facilitates this shedding, enabling you to welcome the crisp clarity that accompanies it.


Set aside time for yourself, in this sacred space, to embrace the essence of the season's transition. Let the sounds wash over you, igniting a harmonious shift within your spirit. With every resonant tone, you align with the Earth's cycle and honor the wisdom it imparts.


Join us for the "Golden Harvest Sound Immersion" and immerse yourself in the healing embrace of sound, as we bridge the gap between the light and the shadows within, mirroring the sacred equilibrium of the autumn equinox itself.

When: Sunday, September 24th at 1pm

Where: Divine Spark 2567 Homeview Dr. Richmond Va 23235

Investment: $33

How to Register:


What to bring: Wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a container of water. No need to bring anything else. We provide yoga mats, pillows and blanket for your comfort. We encourage you to lay down during the session and allow the sound to relax you into a meditative state.

Arrive on time: We graciously ask you to please arrive 5 to 10minutes prior to the event so that you can settle in. The doors will be closed at 11am and no one will be allowed to enter once the Sound Bath has begun to minimize disruption for the other Sound Bath participants.

Refund policy: The event fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please feel free to gift the entry to a friend if you are unexpectedly able to attend.


About The Bell Garden

Rick Plautz is a sound bath facilitator that provides transcendent sound baths for individuals, groups and at retreats. His focus is on profound relaxation through frequency and vibration, specifically to help your body get out of the 'fight or flight' sympathetic nervous system and into 'rest and digest' parasympathetic system.


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