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The Expanded Navel Chakra

Updated: May 5

Wait a minute... The Navel Charkra? I thought there were only 7 chakras. As the higher ascension energies continue to flood the Earth, they are bringing this chakra into operation. It is located between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus. The navel chakra brings us together in communities of unconditional love. People will learn to co-operate for the highest good and see the best in one another. Cultures will respect and honor their differences.


Archangel Gabriel assists with the development of the naval chakra, and when it spins at a fifth-dimensional frequency, we start to experience lessons that pertain to our divine mission. Our soul families are drawn to us at this time and a spiritual support network forms around us to guide us.


When developed the navel chakra glows with a beautiful golden light. The navel chakra allows us to experience true perception and Oneness. When we are aware of our true essence, we see the world around us with enlightened vision.


As we start to work on a deeper level with our navel chakras, we will see them begin to glow with golden light. When we learn to accept everyone on Earth as part of ourselves. we will experience unity consciousness. Earth will move permanently into the fifth dimension and we will live as One with Source.


How to develop your navel chakra:

Meditate and invite Archangel Gabriel to assist you with activating and balancing the chakra

Release and heal any feelings of separateness

Meditate on oneness and unity consciousness

Join in community activities

Create a sense of community by reaching out to other like minded individuals

Co-create with others to raise the frequency of the Earth

Connect with the Crystalline Earth Grid


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