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Tapping The Sen

Tok Sen Thai Massage

What Is Tok Sen Massage?

Tok Sen is a massage technique from northern Thailand and Burma. It is thought to have been developed by Buddhist monks thousands of years ago. Traditionally, practitioners would tap along the client's body with wooden sticks to ease aches and pains. Energy, known as Lom is said to be moved through channels in the body, known as Sen. Literally translating as “tapping” the “Sen”, Tok Sen aims to dislodge what are seen as blockages of Lom.

Why Try Tok Sen Massage?

What  makes Tok Sen massage stand out from other massage methods is that the tools achieve a deep bodily vibration through tapping that is not possible using ordinary Thai massage techniques. These intense vibrations resonate through the body, stimulating from within and dislodging long-held and stubborn muscle tension.

Many people find the rhythm of the taps hypnotizing, as they follow the sound to a deep, meditative state of relaxation, which further loosens the body, making the massage even more effective. Tok Sen is said to be a particularly good massage for loosening the fascia, a connective tissue beneath the skin which can cause pain when it becomes too stiff. Such loosening both prevents and relieves myofascial adhesions or trigger points, commonly known as “knots”.


What Can I expect in a Tok Sen Session?

Tok Sen is performed on a fully dressed client in loose-fitting clothing. A wooden peg and mallet are used to tap along the Sen, usually going from top to bottom, with heightened attention paid to those areas with the most severe blockages.

After this, the client may be put into other positions, such as sitting or lying on one’s side, to allow access to difficult-to-reach Sen. The peg is used as the primary device for working the sen, while the hammer is there to provide vibration. Tool use is often combined with manual pressure and stretches at the beginning and end of a massage sequence, to loosen the body.


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