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Tapping into Mother Earth

In this healing meditation, we will:

  • Utilize our Root Chakra and silver cord to access the magnetics of the Earth

  • Align our emotions and clear any old patterns or blocks of the past that prevent us from raising our frequencies of love and light.

  • Connect with nature to flow and calm our nervous system.

Join me in the activations and clearings in a meditative class.

About Lisa Claridge: I am a Master Vibrational Upgrade Reiki practitioner. I work with internal and external light too alchemize the physical body. I am also a dowser and Biontology practitioner with the Chiren machine.

Class Date/Time: Sat Jun 1st 5pm

Note: Please arrive 10 min early to settle in before class begins.

​What's provided?: We provide yoga mats, meditation pillows and blankets.

​Total Investment: $22

​Cancellation Policy: The $22 is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please make sure you can attend this event. You can gift this event to someone else if you are unable to attend.

Class enrollment: This class size is limited to 12.

person meditating, connecting to the Earth and nature through their root chakra and silver
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