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Clases y Eventos en Divine Spark

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Student Testimonials

"An Amazing and Powerful Class! I had received attunement from another reiki master who taught riyoho- I found the Reiki 1 class offered at Divine Spark to be much more informative in terms of practical techniques to begin to better understand and work with energy and giving reiki".-Maya 

"I feel like I'm vibrating on a new frequency after taking the Reiki 2 class! I feel empowered. My body is so happy. I feel lighter and my stamina is no joke. I'm excited to practice on people. It was a truly magickal and very special class."-Sol

"Class was wonderful! I have been attending different types of certifications for years. It's something I really enjoy doing. I can honestly say this Reiki course was my absolute favorite! The learning and experiencing Reiki on its own was amazing but with you as the instructor and the other awesome class participants made this class a wonderful experience! Thank you so much! Namaste,"


"The Karuna® Reiki Master class took me to a deeper level than I expected. Learning from the teachings written, the teacher's experiences, my classmate's experiences and my own soulful awakening have all inspired me to teach my first class. I have already had a distance healing opportunity and my calendar started filling up today with appointments. Taking this step of faith in my awakening has proven itself and I know Rachel was designed to be my teacher! Thank you, thank you, thank you! With Love and Compassion,"-Vcikie

Hi Rachel, thank you for presenting such a fabulous Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master class. For me, it was very profound. Words can't describe the internal changes I have felt. I truly feel this is a continuation of my journey . I will continue my journey with a full heart and compassion. I will live in my truth. And I will spread love. Thank you, Judy

Your class was other worldly and your room is heavenly. Your such an amazing teacher. Chris

Thank you so much for the class!  I really enjoyed the information and setting.  You’re a great teacher and you created a very warm and safe place to learn and explore.  You’re extremely gifted in many realms and the class definitely touched on techniques that I wasn’t even aware of.  Jen

I didn’t know what to expect; however, the class was everything that I needed it to be. I enjoyed the visual, repetition, and practice exercises we were able to experience during both days. The topics eased into each other and nothing was missed or rushed, I felt. As an instructor, you were thorough, organized and spent time correcting our learning and techniques that will only help each of us grow. Well done. I honestly can’t think of any constructive feedback for improvement.  Meg

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