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Completely Transported to Another Dimension

So, today I was completely transported to another dimension. I received a Hot Herbal Compress Massage. Now folks, I may be biased because I do own Divine Spark and everything we offer is wonderful but this was NEXT LEVEL.


When I entered the room, I could smell the fragrance from the steamer, of herbs in the air. The scent was uplifting, comforting and made my heart melt into bliss. Ahhhhh


Then the treatment began. The warm compresses were kneaded into my skin and delivered a kiss of nurturing heat and wonderfulness with each stroke. My arms melted, my legs melted, I melted. I forgot where I was. My mind went to an in between place. Another dimension. A place of bliss. My tension was gone, my stress was gone. All that was left was bliss. Ahhhh


After, the session, I felt so light. I had such gratitude in my heart for Jenna and felt so blessed to have received such a Heavenly gift. I told her that for now on, I'm going to call her the Magical Being from another planet.


If you haven't tried the Hot Herbal Compress Massage, take it from me-you will not regret it and in fact, you may never go back to having a regular massage again.


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