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What is Karuna® Reiki?

Reiki, a Japanese healing technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation, has gained immense popularity worldwide. While traditional Reiki has been widely appreciated for its therapeutic effects, a relatively lesser-known but highly potent variation called Karuna Reiki is now captivating the attention of practitioners and individuals seeking profound healing experiences. In this article, we will explore what Karuna Reiki is, how it surpasses regular Reiki sessions, and the myriad benefits it offers.

Understanding Karuna® Reiki:

Karuna Reiki, developed by William Lee Rand, is an advanced form of Reiki that builds upon the principles and techniques of traditional Reiki. "Karuna" is a Sanskrit word meaning "compassion," and this form of healing is rooted in the idea of cultivating compassionate action towards oneself and others. It is believed that the higher vibrational energies of Karuna Reiki enable a deeper connection with the Divine, thereby promoting more profound healing and spiritual growth.

Advantages of Karuna® Reiki over Traditional Reiki:

  1. Enhanced Healing Potential: Karuna Reiki is often described as having a more powerful and direct impact on emotional and mental blockages. It delves into the root causes of emotional distress, facilitating transformative healing on a more profound level.

  2. Expanded Energy Spectrum: Karuna Reiki employs additional symbols and techniques not present in traditional Reiki, allowing practitioners to access a wider range of healing energies. This broader spectrum of energies contributes to a more comprehensive healing experience.

  3. Deeper Spiritual Connection: The focus on compassion and mindfulness in Karuna Reiki fosters a heightened spiritual connection, promoting a sense of inner peace, self-awareness, and a more profound understanding of one's spiritual journey.

Benefits of a Karuna® Reiki Session:

  1. Emotional Cleansing: Karuna Reiki helps release deep-seated emotional traumas, allowing individuals to heal past wounds and experience emotional liberation.

  2. Mental Clarity: Practitioners often report a heightened sense of mental clarity and focus after a Karuna Reiki session, reducing anxiety and promoting a peaceful state of mind.

  3. Spiritual Growth: Through the deeper spiritual connection established during a Karuna Reiki session, individuals may experience spiritual growth, leading to a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.

  4. Compassionate Empowerment: Karuna Reiki fosters compassion for oneself and others, empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives and relationships.

  5. Physical Healing: While Karuna Reiki primarily focuses on emotional and spiritual healing, its powerful energies may also support physical healing processes by promoting relaxation and stress reduction.


Karuna Reiki stands as a remarkable advancement in the field of energy healing, offering a transformative and empowering experience beyond traditional Reiki. Its emphasis on compassion, higher vibrational energies, and expanded techniques allows practitioners to access deeper levels of healing, leading to emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. The benefits of a Karuna Reiki session are vast, enriching the lives of those who seek profound healing and personal transformation on multiple levels. If you are ready to embark on a journey of compassion and self-discovery, Karuna Reiki may be the key to unlocking your inner healing potential. What makes Karuna Reiki unique at Divine Spark? See below:

Karuna® Reiki at Divine Spark

Receive a relaxing and revitalizing Reiki session by Rachel, Owner of Divine Spark, a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master. Karuna Reiki is known for it's ability to work quickly providing deeper healing on all levels than a regular Reiki session. Rachel includes soul retrieval in her practice to call back fractured parts of the soul that leave during a traumatic experience. She also incorporates somatic practices to support you in healing past traumas through the mind-body connection. This bottom up approach addresses the "issues in your tissues" where trauma gets stored and stuck in you physical body. She incorporates crystal healing and sound healing to remove stagnant energy and to bring in nourishing and revitalizing energy. Solfeggio tuning forks and a wide variety of Sacred Sound Instruments are intuitively selected to cleanse, clear and balance your energy. Clients report deep lasting transformation.

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How often should I get Reiki?

The frequency of how often you should get a Reiki session really depends on your goals, the amount of past traumas, the severity of imbalances and blockages and how much inner work you have done or are doing. There are cumulative benefits when getting Reiki on a regular basis instead of a "one and done" philosophy. You will receive benefits after having one Reiki session. However, healing a life's worth of trauma in one session, isn't realistic. Here are some general guidelines:

Severe symptoms: You feel scattered, unbalanced, confused, depressed, overwhelmed or not like yourself: We recommend setting up a 90min Reiki with Aura Balancing for your first session. Then we recommend Reiki sessions once a week or once every two weeks until you have a 50% improvement in symptoms. Once you feel more stable, we recommend sessions every 2 to 3 weeks until a 50% further improvement. Then move to once a month for maintenance. 

Moderate symptoms: You've done some inner work but still feel that you have some blockages, reoccurring cycles or patterns that you can't quite breakthrough. We recommend setting up Reiki session every 2 to 3 weeks until there is a 50% improvement and then moving to a once a month maintenance schedule.

General balancing & Spiritual development: You've done a lot of inner work. You seek a deeper connection to your intuition or higher self. You're ready to get deeper with your spiritual practice. We recommend once a month sessions or you can check out our Reiki with intuitive coaching for a deeper dive into your spiritual journey.

How Reiki Saved My Life


There I was 20 years into my corporate career as a Learning and Development professional. Boy was I climbing that corporate ladder. I was working 65-hrs or more a week and making every effort to" knock it out of the park." I was taking an ADD medication to help me wake up and focus, a medication to help me calm down and an antidepressant. Folks, I do not have ADD. Taking ADD medication was a way of leveling up my performance. The reason that I was "depressed" was because I was a corporate zombie; overworked, and overwhelmed. Now, I'm not saying taking medications is bad, I'm illustrating that what I was treating with medication was an imbalanced life. Not a chemical imbalance. I had lost my path. I was 90% coffee because drinking too much water meant I might have to go to the bathroom and miss an important meeting. I was a type A all the way.


All of the sudden and what felt like all at once, I lost myself. I had become someone that I barely recognized. The pressure and long hours of working had turned me into a person that even I didn't like. I remember that I was so burned out that my inner dialogue was cussing. Yes! Me! I was cussing people out in my head driving into work. I was muttering cuss words under my breath at my colleagues. I was so ANGRY and frustrated and didn't know how I had gotten there or how to get out.


Eventually, my body gave out. Through all of this stress and wear and tear, I became very sick in 2012 and had two back to back surgeries (2 weeks apart). First my gallbladder and then my appendix. I remember asking the doctor 'why are my organs shutting down? and what do I need to do to get back into balance?" The doctor responded "Eat soups and sandwiches and you will be okay." I was like "What?" At that moment, I understood that western medicine could only take me so far on my path to healing. I needed a holistic approach to treat my mind body and spirit. I began my search for anything that could help me.


Well, one day I was chatting with my esthetician and she recommended I try Reiki. She shared how it had helped her with anxiety. I thought well, I'll try anything. I remember going to my first Reiki session, not sure what to expect. The Reiki practitioner listened to me with compassion. She explained that I would be fully clothed on the massage table and that she would be placing hands above my body and directly on my body to encourage energy flow and relaxation.


At first, I was apprehensive, I went into the session with a healthy level of skepticism. Once she began working on me, I was very aware of my thoughts. There were so many! They were racing around, cuss words and all. As she continued, I realized that my thoughts had slowed down and felt almost non existent. The warmth from her hands was comforting and powerful. My muscles relaxed, my shoulders relaxed, my breathing slowed. I felt like I was floating.


After the session, the Reiki therapist asked me how I was feeling and I was like "Wow! I feel amazing!, transformed! I asked "when can I come back again?" I booked a session for the following week. I saw her once a week for the next few months. Yes! Once a week. Because, I was broke down, broke down. My coworkers began commenting on my appearance. "You're glowing!" They would say. "What is your secret?" Unbeknownst to them, I was getting Reiki. That was my secret.


So yeah, It helped me relax and I as glowing but that's not all. Internally the racing thoughts slowed down. I began to gravitate towards activities that were healthier for me. Instead of getting 3 or 4 martinis to relax, I was incorporating yoga, mediation and green drinks. I would take 5 min breaks at work to meditate in a corner office. I had a calmness and discernment, a strength and a steadiness coursing through me. I was beginning to understand what balance felt like.


Well, as you all know that is just the beginning of my story because here I am now as a Reiki Master. Stay tuned to hear the rest of the story.

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