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Scraping or IASTM Benefits

Initially when people hear the term "scraping" they cringe. Let's talk about the amazing pain relief and anxiety relief benefits and why this treatment is so amazing.


Scraping also known as IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) is a technique that has been around for thousands of years and is just now having a resurgence within the massage and physical therapy world for it's astounding benefits and quick results. 

So what is Scraping or IASTM? During a scraping/IASTM treatment a tool is pulled across the tissue, muscle and ligaments to reduce adhesions & trigger points, increase circulation, loosen tight muscles, increase range of motion and reduce pain. Clients report having immediate pain relief benefits and increased range of motion after just one session. Yes, it does all that but it also helps with anxiety and racing thoughts by adjusting the energy in your body as well. 

Scraping is Energywork as well: The practice of scraping is actually thousands of years old. On an energetic level it also scrapes out excess wind from the body. Wind is movement and change which is consant but when it is in excess in the body it can cause racing thoughts, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and pain.

Our Massage Therapist Tiffany says:


"Scraping/IASTM is the only treatment that makes my mind quiet and allows my whole body to just relax. I able to just be in the moment without so many thoughts."


Why does the aread turn red/fuscia and how long will it be this way?

During scraping/IASTM the surface of the skin begins to get pink or redden. With severe toxicity the marks will appear fuscia or dark purple. This effect is a result of the release of wind and toxins. It also is a sign that there is an increase in circulation which nourishes the tissue by promoting tissue regeneration and healing. This reddening can be from a light pink color (healthy) to a dark fuscia color (toxins) depending on the amount of toxins and wind being released from the tissue. Your skin is your largest detox organ. Once energy is brought to the skin level, your body will then process what you released through your lymphatice system and you will pee it out. Through this process the color will fade over time and should completely disapear within 4 to 9 days depending on the serverity of the marks and what was being released.  


If you're experiencing chronic pain and tightness, and/or Racing thoughts and Anxiety then Scraping/IASTM is perfect for you!

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