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Crystal Massage

What is Crystal Massage?

Crystal massage harnesses somatic principles to support holistic healing in mind-body-spirit.


During the session your practitioner will ask you about what you would like to release or let go of and what you would like to bring into your life or cultivate. This could include previous traumas, personal goals, aspirations, etc...


They will then use Reiki to program the crystals with these intentions to be used in the session. The crystal palm stones will be used to gently massage over your body including you abdomen/stomach area. This is where we store emotions. It will assist with releasing what no longer serves you and will bring in new energy to lovingly support you on your journey.


Each crystal palm stone has unique properties to assist with balancing the energy in the physical as well as energetic and etheric planes. Some crystals assist with removing old patterns and stagnant energy, helping you relase past traumas, cycles and move forward towards healthier patterns. Other crystals bring in a sense of hope, love, comfort, balance, and renewal into the system creating new possibilities and pathways.


Sound therapy is also incorporated throughout the session to support the client in letting go and bringing balance to the whole system.


Please note: The crystal palm stones are used at room temperature and will feel cool to the touch when first applied.



What clients are saying about Crystal Massage:


"I would describe it as a massage that takes you quickly into deep relaxation and a calm state." Julie


"I had an ongoing feeling of relaxation and peace that lasted days after the massage. The after effects definitely stick with you. I felt I had more patience, slept better, & generally felt more centered emotionally and physically." Kelly


"Crystal Massage felt like a healing ritual. It felt more like energywork than massage. It was a multidimensional and multisensory experience that felt very healing." Erin

Things to consider when booking the appointment:

This session may cause an emotional release during or after the session. We encourage you to rest and plan a day of self care following the appointment so that you can fully integrate.


How often should I get Crystal Massage?

If you are healing from intense past traumas that occurred over a long period of time, we recommend several sessions 2 weeks to 1 month apart to support you in your healing. If you are healing from trauma we also highly recommend that you receive additional support from a counselor. EMDR therapy is highly recommended for trauma. Nancy Leonard, 804-647-3382 is one therapist we highly recommend for EMDR.


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