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Reiki & Energywork Services




New Client Rate

$90|60min  $126|90min

Regular Rates

$100|60min  $140|90min


Relax and balance your energy centers with a Reiki healing session. During a Reiki treatment hands are gently placed on the chakras (energy centers) encouraging a healthy energy flow throughout the body. At Divine Spark we also select and place crystals based on the client's specific needs. Quartz crystal singing bowls and Himalayan bowls are played to clear blockages and balance the mind, body and spirit on a cellular, molecular and energetic level. Clients report feeling lighter, balanced and refreshed, as well as deep relaxation and renewal. Includes aromatherapy.


Video: What to expect in a Reiki session at Divine Spark 


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karuna Reiki near me in richmond va

Karuna® Reiki 

Regular Rates

$110|60min $160|90min 


Receive a relaxing and revitalizing Reiki session by Rachel, Owner of Divine Spark, a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master. Karuna Reiki is known for it's ability to work quickly providing deeper healing on all levels. Rachel includes soul retrieval in her practice to call back fractured parts of the soul that leave during a traumatic experience. She also incorporates somatic practices to support you in healing past traumas through the mind-body connection. This bottom up approach addresses the "issues in your tissues" where trauma gets stored and stuck in you physical body. She incorporates crystal healing and sound healing to remove stagnant energy and to bring in nourishing and revitalizing energy. Solfeggio tuning forks and a wide variety of Sacred Sound Instruments are intuitively selected to cleanse, clear and balance your energy. Clients report deep lasting transformation.


What is Karuna Reiki? Learn more 

Reiki with aura balancing near me in richmond va

Reiki w/Aura Balancing



In addition to receiving Reiki with crystals and sound healing, in this deeply healing session, an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master also uses a dowsing technique with purifying crystal infused water to remove energetic attachments, emotional blockages and stagnant energy from the aura and chakras. This session is perfect for cutting psychic cords, releasing karmic cycles and layers of stress and traumas from the past. Renew your spirit and sense of self. We recommend this session is you feel that you may have a spirit attachment. Aromatherapy included.


Learn more about Aura Balancing

Reiki with intuitive coaching near me in richmond va

Reiki w/Intuitive Coaching



Spend 90minutes one on one with a Holy Fire Reiki Master to work on your personal goals and to open up your spiritual gifts. Each session is unique and crafted to support you on your journey to wholeness and to support you in walking your path fully. Some sessions may consist of a combination of Reiki and intuitive coaching. Others will consist mostly of Reiki or entirely on coaching. Our time together will be based on what you need. This is a wonderful session for those who are opening themselves up to their life purpose and for those who would like to learn tools for their own personal and spiritual development.

Learn more about Reiki w/Intuitive Coaching

distance reiki, remote reiki, near me, in richmond va

Distance Reiki



Are you unable to come in for a visit? Perhaps you're feeling under the weather, having a challenging time, on vacation, traveling or live outside of Richmond VA. Do you have a loved one that is struggling,  sick, unconscious or in the process of passing? Distance Reiki is just as effective (and in some cases, more effective) as an in-person Reiki session. Sessions are paid for at the time of booking. The practitioner will reach out to you after booking to collect payment via email invoice. On the day of the appointment they will reach out via text a few minutes prior to beginning to get an overview of what you would like to focus on during the session. After the session the practitioner will text a summary of their findings and recommendations.


Learn more about distance Reiki

Reiki with windgate therapy near me in richmond va

Reiki w/Windgate Therapy



Windgate therapy is recommended for clients with quick or racing thoughts, anxiety, scattered behavior patterns, nervous energy, insomnia, headaches and pain. Relax and find your balance with windgate therapy. Windgate therapy is an amazing ancient method that assists in balancing mental states, emotional well-being and physical vitality. Pulses are taken at the Aorta, Femoral and Brachial arteries as well as at secondary windgate pulses throughout the body to determine where there are blockages and imbalances to be cleared. Pressure is applied to these areas to reset the passageways so that they can operate more efficiently. Divine Spark combines Reiki with Windgate Therapy to ensure a steady energy flow throughout the whole body.

Learn more about windgate therapy

past life regression therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)



Embark on a journey through the sands of time as you explore the mysteries of your past lives in a safe and soothing environment. Our expert practitioner will guide you through a profound experience of self-discovery, helping you access memories and insights from your previous incarnations. Beneficial for releasing karmic cycles, past life trauma and unexplained phobias. Also, wonderful for spiritual growth and is simply fascinating!

Learn more about PLRT and important disclosures

crystal massage, healing massage, reiki massage, near me, in richmond va

Crystal Massage

$160|90min  $205|120min

Experience a heavenly crystal massage, harnessing somatic principles to support holistic healing. Your practitioner will inquire about your intentions for release and cultivation, programming Reiki-infused crystals accordingly. With gentle massage using crystal palm stones, we target emotional release, replacing stagnant energy with loving support. Each stone possesses unique properties, harmonizing physical, energetic, and etheric planes. Emotional release may occur during or after the session; rest and self-care are advised for integration. The cool touch of room-temperature crystals soothes as they assist in healing deep traumas.

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Reiki with fire cupping near me in richmond va

Reiki w/Cupping



This deeply relaxing session combines Reiki Healing with Cupping. During cupping, glass fire cups are placed on the back pulling cellular debris, poisons, stagnation and excess fluids to the surface which can then be eliminated by the lymphatic system. Then receive an uplifting Reiki with crystals and sound therapy session. Allow your mind, body & spirit to be gently wrapped in a warm surrender. This session can assist in stress reduction, relieving migraines, detoxing, alleviating depression, reducing pain and tightness in the neck, back and shoulders. Find your balance, release pain, and have a fresh start. 


Learn more about Fire Cupping

Reiki with scraping, iastm near me in richmond va

Reiki w/Scraping or IASTM



Relax and relieve pain & tension. This session combines Reiki Healing and Scraping or IASTM. Scraping both nourishes and detoxifies the body. A tool is pulled across the skin which forces blood and oxygen to the area treated, breaking up knots & removing emotional trauma and attachments. Then receive an uplifting Reiki with crystals and sound therapy session. Allow your mind, body & spirit to be gently wrapped in a warm surrender. This session assists in relieving migraines, releasing the past, detoxing, calming anxiety, removing attachments, recovering heartache and making space for new revitalizing energy to fill you.

Learn more about Scraping/IASTM 

Reiki with scraping, iastm and fire cupping near me in richmond va

Reiki w/Scraping/IASTM & Cupping


$170|90min   $215|2hrs

Receive a deeply healing treatment for mind, body & spirit. This treatment combines Reiki, Scraping/IASTM and Cupping. Relieve pain & tension and let go of heaviness and any energy that no longer servers you. Great for heartache, anxiety, depression, pain relief, relaxation, starting fresh and turning over a new leaf.  Great for detoxing as well.  Any redness or purple of the scraping and cupping marks will darken within the first 24 hours and then will fade within the next 2 weeks following the treatment, depending on the severity and what was released.

Reiki Massage near me in richmond va

Massage & Reiki Bliss


$160|90min  $205|120min

Get the best of both worlds! This heavenly session combines Massage & Reiki. Enjoy Therapeutic Massage to relax and relieve pain & tension. In addition, wrap yourself in a warm surrender of Reiki to clear balance your energy centers. Reiki is a form of energy healing. During a Reiki treatment hands are gently placed on the chakras (energy centers) encouraging a healthy energy flow throughout the body. This the perfect treatment for those who would like to receive deep healing in mind, body and spirit. It's uplifting to the spirit and helps to release stagnant energy, revitalizing the whole system. 


Learn more about the Massage & Reiki Bliss treatment


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