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Address: 2567 Homeview Dr. Richmond VA 23294

*By Appointment Only

48hr Cancellation Policy: Less than 48hrs notice has a fee of 50%

Mission | Vision​

Divine Spark is a holistic healing center located in Richmond Va, dedicated to nurturing the wellbeing of our clients on their healing journey. Our mission is to kindle the inner light, igniting the flame within each heart, through a range of transformative services and loving guidance.

Divine Spark was voted Best Massage in Richmond Va by 3 different organizations, (Expertise, Loc8NearMe, & Richmond Uncovered.) We truly belief we have the best Massage, Thai Massage & Reiki practitioners in Richmond VA. We have been in business since 2014 supporting the Richmond, Henrico and surrounding communities. Divine spark offers a holistic approach to wellness through Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage, Reiki and Past Life Regression Therapy. We specialize in holistic healing, relaxation & pain relief.

Our Team

Rachel Richards Kloiber RMT & LMT:  Rachel is an an Usui, Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher & a Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher. She studied Reiki under Reiki Master Kim Munson in Charlottesville VA. She is a Past Life Regression Therapist and has completed PLRT practitioner training with Mark Beale. She is certified in hypnotherapy by Karen E. Wells. Rachel has 20+ years in Training & development, Leadership Development and coaching. She also has received several certifications as a Life Coach, Transformational coach, Somatic Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach. She studied under Damion Bond at Woven Body in Richmond VA to become an advanced Thai Massage practitioner in the Chiang Mai traditional Thai healing arts and gaai-ya-paap bam-bat (AKA-Thai Folk Medicine or Thai physical therapy.) She was also taught Traditional Thai Massage Advanced tools and Props in Cleveland Oh, by Master Sara Cheiky from the Shivagakomarpaj Lineage of Old Medicine Hospital, Chaiang Mai, Thailand. Rachel is a Licensed Massage Therapist and completed a 600 hour Massage Therapy Program at the Lotus School of Integrated professions. 

Emma Stanley LMT: Emma has a passion for using bodywork to heal both the body and mind.  Combining what she learned studying psychology at the University of Mary Washington in 2016 and massage therapy at Sylvain Melloul International Hair Academy in 2021, she has honed her craft to specialize in treating the somatic symptoms of mental and emotional imbalance. She takes pride in being a safe space for everyone in her care, meeting them with kindness, compassion, and a listening ear. Emma has had great success in customizing treatment plans for individuals experiencing acute stress, grief, PTSD, and fibromyalgia, among other maladies. Her customized treatment plans combine massage modalities including, but not limited to deep tissue, myofacial release, trigger point therapy, PNF, and relaxation techniques. She is eager to add Reiki, scraping/IASTM, and fire cupping to her repertoire in the near future.

Greg Kloiber RMT: As a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master and Sound Bath Facilitator, Greg facilitates transformative healing experiences that promote relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief. By channeling universal energy, he helps you reconnect with your inner light and restore balance within your body, mind, and spirit. He can also assist you with cord cutting to disconnect from toxic relationships. Greg also specializes in aura balancing and sound therapy. Aura balancing helps cleanse and strengthen your energetic field, promoting a sense of peace and harmony. In his sound therapy sessions, Greg utilizes vibrations – such as tuning forks, crystal bowls and other sound healing tools – to create a deeply relaxing experience that can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and enhance your overall well-being. Dedicated to expanding his knowledge, Greg is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Acupuncture at the Lotus School of Integrated Professions. This additional training will allow him to offer a wider range of services in the future.

"Link" Nicole Link-Troen LMT: "Link" Nicole Link-Troen is a skilled massage therapist known for her magical touch and comforting presence. Graduating from the Lotus School of Integrated Professions in 2020, she has since delved into advanced massage modalities, specializing in prenatal/postpartum, hot and salt stone, cupping, myofascial release, sports massage, and Thai massage. Link is passionate about supporting individuals through major life transitions, creating a safe space for holistic healing of mind and body. Trained in traditional northern style Thai massage in 2022, she integrates Thai techniques and energy work into her practice. Excited to incorporate Reiki, Link is dedicated to meeting each person on their unique healing journey with kindness and compassion.

Alpha Halftermeyer LMT & RMT: Alpha is known for his profoundly effective deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. He also gives a wonderful Swedish massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki session. He has 8years experience as a licensed massage therapist and graduated from national Massage Therapist Institute in 2014 in Falls Church, VA. Alpha is also trained in several additional massage modalities including but not limited to Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Oncology, Swedish, Himalayan Stone, Reflexology, and Prenatal. Alpha is certified in Reiki 1 & 2 by Susan Masters in NOVA and received a second Reiki 1 &2 certification by Divine Spark owner, Rachel Kloiber. Alpha takes each client's wellness goal into consideration to customize each session to meet your needs. Fluent in English and Spanish. 


Tiffany Garton LMT & RMT: Tiffany is native to Richmond VA. She completed her 600 hour massage program at Fortis College in 2011 and studied Reiki with Rachel Kloiber, owner of Divine Spark. She performs various types of massage such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and Himalayan stone, hot stone and IASTM/Scraping & Fire cupping therapy. Her goal is to apply her knowledge of massage to promote both physical and mental healing as well as restoration of energy flow to promote overall health. 

Rachel's Journey

After trying to shove a square peg in a round hole for many years in the corporate world, I discovered that all of the walls I was hitting were trying to force me down a new path. I found that when I refused to change, life had a way of changing me. 


After back to back surgeries because of exhaustion and running in circles trying to “make it work” I finally realized that I desperately needed a change. I began to see the handwriting on the wall in the form of health issues, stress and depression. There weren’t any magic pills that I hadn’t tried or time/project management strategies that I hadn’t mastered. Let’s face it folks, I was on the wrong path-I wasn’t living in a way that was in alignment with my beliefs and the only thing I was learning was how not to completely lose my mind.


I soul searched, researched and before I knew it I began to hear my own voice again and I liked what it was saying. Through this experience I realized that part of my life purpose is to support others on healing, helping them to see their own light within, to find balance and to realize their life purpose.


The good news is that where there is a will there is a way. If you need a change, then examine what isn’t working and what you need in your life. Create a support system with people that you love and professionals that you trust and then take steps to make changes. Even the smallest steps will get you closer to your goal. Before you know it, you have transformed your life. Love and Light!


I look forward to supporting you on your journey-whether it's helping you to heal through Thai massage, Reiki, energy healing, intuitive guidance, or the combination that is right for you. I'm here for you. I am conveniently located in the west end of Richmond VA.


*A special thank you to my husband Greg who has believed in me along the way and has nourished my soul with love, support and understanding. I love you!

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