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10 Reasons
in-person Reiki classes
are better than virtual

Many students have been solicited to attend online Reiki classes recently and the number one question is, which is better? Online/virtual or in-person Reiki classes?


Well, as a learning and development professional and Reiki Master, the answer is simple. In person classes are far more beneficial when learning Reiki. But why? Well, online classes don’t offer any hands on practice or deep dive class discussions. Often times you’re even unable to ask questions. Many students report that they never received an Attunement or placement in their online class and walk away with more questions than answers after completing their virtual learning.


Here is a list benefits in taking an in-person class:

1) Valuable hands on practice working on each other and practicing advanced techniques

2) Asking questions and receiving answers from your Reiki master

3) Engaging in deep class discussions

4) Receiving valuable feedback from your classmates & your Reiki Master

5) Receiving Reiki healing when practicing with the other students and your Reiki Master

6) Experiencing a powerful attunement or placement process where your aura and chakras are cleared and activated, the Reiki symbols are placed in your energy field and hands

7) Building beautiful connections and relationships with your fellow students and Reiki master

8) Experiencing the process instead of reading about it

9) Participating in group exercises to learn the material and integrate what you’ve learned.

10) Making pries that will last a lifetime!

About the facilitator: 

Rachel has over 25 years experience teaching. She is trained in adult learning theory and customizes class to include exercises for all learning methods (i.e. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic.) The classes are engaging and appeal to all learning styles. 

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We hope to see you in class! Check out our upcoming in-person classes and register here.

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