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Reiki Massage

"This was an amazing experience! It really was what I needed. Tiffany is legit! I could feel the vibrations and a pop when a chakra block was removed. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. You have to experience it to believe it. Family members could tell the difference after the session. I’m definitely going back." L.G.

"After just two massages Tiffany was able to work knots out of my back the chiropractor wasn’t able to improve in 6 months. She has intuitive, deft, and healing hands that honed right in on the sore, tight spots in my body. My time in her care has been a sheer pleasure and I can’t wait until my next massage!" Valley H


"Immediately as I walked in I felt a sense of ease and relief. Essential oils fill the air and the smell is very pleasing. They have beautiful decor, healthy attractive plants and reading material in the waiting room. They take amazing care of you and are extremely professional. I recommend friends and family or anyone I meet to pay them a visit, it is definitely worth your time. I am so greatful and thankful to have such amazing people in Richmond." Peter N

"This was my first massage with Divine Spark. I loved that essential oils are included with services because I have a daily aromatherapy practice. I really enjoyed my massage and have booked my appointment for next month. Staff was absolutely wonderful!" Katherine T

"Literally the most relaxing experience of my life!! I walked out of there feeling 10 times better than I did going in!!! Thank you!" Kari A. W.

"Wonderful experience! Amazing staff! I combine my massages with energy work and leave feeling like a new person. The environment is so pleasant and relaxing. The service I received here was worth every penny, though you can’t really put a price on bliss. Highly recommend for body and energy work." Lisa M

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Thai Bodywork, massage, Reiki in Richmond VA

Thank you to Tanya Gonzalez for this well-written blog post about her Reiki session at Divine Spark. It really captures the experience.


"Recently I had the opportunity to experience a reiki massage for the first time.  Google defines reiki as “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”  I truly believe in energy and its power, and I have had several experiences in my life that have served to further cement this belief; however, I had never tried reiki before.  I received a recommendation from a friend to try Divine Spark in Henrico, VA, and I made an appointment for the reiki session, including an aura balance.  I arrived a bit nervous with anticipation...

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Divine Spark offers relief from pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia through Massage Therapy, Thai Massage and Reiki energy healing in Richmond VA.

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Massage Therapy, Thai Massage, Cupping & Scraping


"Tiffany is an incredibly skilled massage therapist. Always makes me feel at ease and very relaxed. Listens to my needs and delivers an amazing experience. She is so friendly and has a great energy! I always look forward to my next apt and leave feeling great. 5 stars!!" Amy K


Tiffany - 90 min massage

"Enjoyed my massage with Tiffany. She was personable and professional and gave an excellent massage. Will visit again. Thanks for a wonderful experience!" Melanie S

Amazing experience

"Wonderful experience! Amazing staff! I combine my massages with energy work and leave feeling like a new person. The environment is so pleasant and relaxing. The service I received here was worth every penny, though you can’t really put a price on bliss. Highly recommend for body and energy work." Lisa M.


"My second ever massage (my first was 12 years ago) and I have to say that this was AMAZING. I decided to get a massage because my upper back, neck, shoulders, and along my spine have been very sore and I thought - what the heck, I'll do the CBD massage-I need all the help I can get. I booked it online (<3) for an hour and went in. The room was lovely, dim, and cozy and Rachel was prompt, friendly, respectful, and worked HARD for that hour-it's made a world of difference! I can't wait to go back!" N.Savage

Thai massage

"This was my first ever Thai massage and I'll definitely be doing it again! It was fabulous, seriously. The subtle movements and stretching reminded me so much of yoga but it was like having yoga done TO me. Rachel is also very very intuitive and knew exactly how much pressure to apply and what areas to go to. She's a blessing to the massage community." Aqiylah

Wonderful experience! 

"Rachel does an amazing Thai massage. I love her obviously innate ability to sense problem areas and relieve stress. I have also received readings from her, they are always accurate and filled with resonance. Even in reiki, the energy flows smoothly and I see results with each session. Her talents are remarkable!!!" Joy Y


"I just had a cupping session with Rachel the other day and it was amaaaazing! My back instantly felt relief and it was in a lot of pain that morning leading up to the session. I can't give enough praise to this wonderful lady and all of her many skills, I truly feel that she is a staple in the healing community of Richmond"AMAZING! <3" Elissa C


"This was my first Thai Yoga Bodywork session at Divine Spark, and I enjoyed it much more than a traditional massage. This was an experience that truly left me feeling refreshed in mind, body, and spirit. Rachel strikes the perfect balance between friendly and professional. In the first few minutes of speaking with her, you are able to pick up on her confidence and sincerity in the spiritual and healing benefits of her practice. She asks clear and probing questions about any physical or stress related issues you have been experiencing, and tailors the bodywork to address these issues. I do not have enough good things to say about my experience! I highly recommend Rachel's services to everyone, and going forward will be scheduling an appointment for bodywork at least one a month!"

Steph N


"I had my first ever Thai yoga body massage with Rachel today and it was amazing! This is not your typical body massage, however I think it is better than a regular body massage. Rachel really took her time to explain what she was doing and what to expect. I felt so relaxed and flexible after my session. I also had immediate relief in any tension I had in my neck and shoulders afterwards. Thank you Rachel! ❤️" Amanda B


"Yesterday, my good friend Rachel Richards Kloiber, owner of Divine Spark LLC, performed a 90 minute session of Thai Yoga Bodywork on me. I left the session with my musculoskeletal pain completely gone away, and that was such an unbelievable relief, because it's been a good long while since I've had no pain. For real.I have tried numerous massage, energy, and chiropractic therapies, so I was excited to try TYB. The modality is really quite interesting. In short, it is massage, physical therapy, energy healing, and yoga all rolled into one. Rachel's movements were gentle, but strong- and very skillful. She is a natural born healer and I'm so happy to be able to help share in, and promote her amazing gifts.If you are in or around Richmond Va, and you need relief from nagging physical pain that you have been bravely trying to "just deal with", I'm telling you - you don't have to keep suffering. Chronic pain will break you down and it is really, really hard. Trust me, I know that very well, but now- I feel like I can start to turn things around for good. I am feeling hopeful again, and that's kind of a big deal for me, considering where my head has been at lately. Im just saying. Get some help with your pain. Contact her, and go see her.Blessings," Heather V


"I saw Rachel Richards Kloiber of Divine Spark LLC yesterday for a Thai Yoga Massage and WOW!! I can't say enough about how amazing and powerful it was. What a truly magical and healing experience! My body feels completely balanced, flexible and aligned. Just incredible! I feel elevated and am shining even brighter."  Sol M

"Had an incredible experience and felt so much better after I was done. Was extremely sore and right before my cupping and scrapping and afterwards was able to move freely and comfortably, which I haven't been able to do in a long while. I will def be back for another treatment soon!" Alex S

"Best Massage Ever! I have always loved the services provided by Rachel at Divine Spark; recently she added additional massages and I am so happy she did- it was the best massage ever- I walked in with knots and lots of tight/sore muscles but after she was done I felt so much better" Jennifer N

"I just awoke feeling as though a 100lb weight had been taken off of me all thanks to Rachel and her amazing work! I had a scraping and cupping session that seemed to pull all the anger & frustration & negativity that I've been carrying around out of me. I left my session yesterday with my head in the clouds, almost drifting out of my body, drove home and slept most of the rest of the day! Rachel is divine and I'm so looking forward to my next session Thai Massage with her. " M.S

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Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Healing & Energywork


Reiki Massage

"This was an amazing experience! It really was what I needed. Tiffany is legit! I could feel the vibrations and a pop when a chakra block was removed. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. You have to experience it to believe it. Family members could tell the difference after the session. I’m definitely going back." L.G.


Refreshing Reiki

"I had an amazing Reiki session with Tiffany. It was exactly what I needed. She was very intuitive, and her warming hands were quite healing. The use of singing bowls, crystals, and aromatherapy really took the treatment to the next level. I'm looking forward to more! Thank you!" Rebecca R 


"Absolutely wonderful! Rachel is incredible. You can feel her authenticity and how much she truly cares. She is extremely intuitive and picks up on whatever I come in asking about. Every time I go see Rachel, I leave empowered. And with a strong sense of hope. I would recommend her to anyone. I'm so grateful to have found her!!" Ashley C

"It's been four days since I experienced my first Reiki and Thai Cupping session at Divine Spark and I am amazed with the results. I'm feeling rested, pain and stress free. All I can say is if you are someone who is committed to improved health and wellness, you should take the opportunity to try Reiki. Combined with the right diet and exercise, I am feeling that Reiki is a new "must" in my life and another avenue of therapy in this journey I call life. I can't wait until my next appointment. Thank You, Rachel Richards Kloiber for bringing such positive energy back into my life. I highly recommend Divine Spark and I can't wait to try some Thai Yoga Body Work during my next visit." Caroline E


"I had my first reiki session with Rachel and *takes deep breath* it was truly a beautiful and healing experience. I couldn't had asked for more and walked away feeling relieved, motivated, and enlightened. Thanks so much Rachel!! You're greatly appreciated!" Li Seay


“Highly recommend this wonderful soul. I had a Reiki session today and it was life changing for me. I will be going back in two weeks for another session!!!” Liz P


"I have been doing a lot of "work" on myself over the last several years, in an attempt to heal some deep emotional wounds that I have been suffering from for several years. I thought I was somewhat successful, but still felt like something just was not complete. I just did not feel balanced or at peace. I knew I needed to go deeper. It was thru my research that I learned of reiki and Rachel at Divine Sparks. After my first session with Rachel last week, I felt lighter, less burdened. I just returned from my second session with Rachel and I can not even put into words how powerful it was for me! I feel that my heart is now open, I am balanced, at peace, and completely open to healing! I will be continuing my reiki sessions with Rachel. She is truly a beautiful person, who exudes positive energy, love and light! I feel so blessed to have met her and to work with such an authentic, genuine, spirit filled soul!" Marcy M


"Her calmness and the warmth of her energy put me into a deeply relaxed state. After the session, she talked to me about what she found and gave me suggestions on what to do." Erin W


"This was my first Reiki session and I was bit skeptical. After the first few minutes I could literally feel the heat from Rachel's hands releasing tensions through my body. What struck me most was her concentration on my knees - I hadn't even mentioned that they were bothering me and she could sense it. Afterwards I felt more relaxed and peaceful." Kristy M


"Be like the waterfall. The water is not afraid to fall. It is free." As a typical guy, I was unsure of what to expect with reiki. I've seen all of the reviews but didn't know if it was real. Well, it was for me last night. Rachel-who does happen to be my wife-saw a spirit guide (or angel?) of mine with circular face painting that I remember seeing as a child in my dreams. He kept saying "Hanua" and the waterfall phrase above that really hit home right with my job situation. Well, after some research, apparently he is a aborigine from New Zealand. There is a Hanua Falls there as well as the circular face painting within the local tribe. How cool is that? Since the reiki session, I feel re-energized and mentally stronger than ever, especially regarding my job. Thanks, Rachel! Greg K


...At some point, I open my eyes, realizing I'd falling asleep. I fell asleep on my back? Impossible. This is better than a massage. She gradually moves her hands to my knees. They become hot. ???? ...I feel absolutely great but for a moment I think, after being immobile for this length of time, I will be walking like a 90 year old when I get up. I didn't. I can't explain how this all happened because other than Rachel 'reading me,' (another of her amazing capabilities) I've never taken interest in things beyond my "normalcy." I do know that I feel better, mentally and physically....and I know that this is not my last Reiki session with Divine Spark LLC. Bea L


"The Reiki with Aura Balancing will make you feel and look amazing Rachel is truly a master at her craft with awesome personal touches i have never had in a Reiki session<3 a must:-)" Brooke H M

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