ART & REIKI Master Class

Have you been thinking about continuing your Reiki studies to become a Reiki master? Now is the time! 

Overview: Our Reiki 3/ART & Reiki Master Class is combined into a magical 2 day intensive class. It feels like a beautiful retreat! Students will receive 1 Master Placement/Attunement & 4 Holy Fire Master Ignitions over 2 days. They will also learn advanced Reiki techniques for healing including how to program crystals & how to work with crystal grids. The students will receive 2 Master symbols for use in their practice (Dai Ko Myo & Holy Fire.)  Students will also learn how to use a pendulum to conduct aura balancing and clearing in sessions. They will be connected to higher level guides & angels from the 3rd to 12th Heaven as well as the Brothers & Sisters of the Light & learn how to work with them in sessions. Students will be provided with resources to assist in teaching. All students will receive a Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Master certificate.

Class Dates: Check out our Class Registration page for upcoming class dates.

Duration: 2 days (16 hours)

Prerequisites: Prerequisite to attend: Completion of Level 1 & II from any Reiki Lineage. Please contact me before enrolling if you have taken an online/virtual course for your Reiki 1&2 certification so that I can verify whether you have the correct foundation of information before continuing your studies. 

Day 1:

  • Learn about Shinpiden or Mystery Teachings

  • Discuss the Soul, the Spirit & the 12 Heavens

  • Review Attunements, Placements & Ignition process

  • Discuss Holy Fire II Energy

  • Review the Authentic Self, Culturally Created Self & Dormant Self

  • Participate in the Healing in the River of Life Experience

  • Practice techniques for programming & using crystals in Reiki

  • Learn how to create a crystal grid to send continuous Reiki energy to heal people and situations

  • Learn and practice the Usui Dai Ko Myo & Holy Fire Master symbols

  • Receive the first Holy Fire Master Ignition

  • Receive the Dai Ko Myo Advanced attunement/placement. The Reiki placement process takes the place of the traditional attunement. During the placement, the student receives the exact frequency, energy & light codes that they need directly from the Divine.

  • Practice using Dai Ko Myo in Reiki sessions

Day 2:

  • Receive Holy Master Ignitions (3 additional ignitions-4 total) Holy Fire is installed in the lower Dantian area, in the Heart, above the crown Chakra and thousands of flames throughout the body & energy bodies/aura (a very powerful experience!)

  • Review the History & progression of Holy Fire I, II, & III

  • Experience and practice a powerful practice using a crystal pendulum for removing blockages and balancing the aura

  • Review the Holy Fire symbol uses and applications

  • Discuss Holy Fire & receiving Spiritual Guidance

  • Learn about 3rd to 12th Heaven Guides & Angels

  • Receive new 3rd to 12th Heaven Guides & Angels and how to work with them in Reiki sessions

  • Learn about how to leverage the Brothers & Sisters of the Light for personal growth and in Reiki sessions

  • Receive the Holy Fire Healing Experience (a deeply healing experience) and learn how to facilitate the experience with clients

  • Practice using the Holy Fire symbol in a session

  • Learn a powerful and effective technique for Healing Spirit Attachments

  • Discuss Reiki Master Values & Spiritual Orientation

  • Learn Self Cultivation Tools

  • Receive Teaching tools & Receive sample class agendas

  • Receive the Holy Fire III Reiki Master certification and certificate

Materials: A Reiki Master book is provided to each student prior to class and is included in the cost of the class. Pre-work instructions will be provided by Divine Spark a month prior to class. 

Tuition: $550 (includes 2 day intensive class where students receive the Usui Dai Ko Myo & Holy Fire Master Attunements/Placements & Ignitions.)

Deposit: A $100 (non-refundable) deposit is required to reserve your spot in class.  (Deposits or pre-payment can be made via paypal using the registration form. The remaining balance of $450 is due one month prior to class.

Ready to register? Check out our Class Registration page for upcoming class dates.

Questions: Contact (804) 615-2509 or

Student Testimonials

"An Amazing and Powerful Class! I had received attunement from another reiki master who taught riyoho- I found the Reiki 1 class offered at Divine Spark to be much more informative in terms of practical techniques to begin to better understand and work with energy and giving reiki".-Maya 

"I feel like I'm vibrating on a new frequency after taking the Reiki 2 class!I feel empowered.My body is so happy. I feel lighter and my stamina is no joke. I'm excited to practice on people. It was a truly magickal and very special class."-Sol

"The Karuna® Reiki Master class took me to a deeper level than I expected. Learning from the teachings written, the teacher's experiences, my classmate's experiences and my own soulful awakening have all inspired me to teach my first class. I have already had a distance healing opportunity and my calendar started filling up today with appointments. Taking this step of faith in my awakening has proven itself and I know Rachel was designed to be my teacher! Thank you, thank you, thank you! With Love and Compassion,"-Vcikie

Hi Rachel, thank you for presenting such a fabulous Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master class. For me, it was very profound. Words can't describe the internal changes I have felt. I truly feel this is a continuation of my journey . I will continue my journey with a full heart and compassion. I will live in my truth. And I will spread love. Thank you, Judy

The whole Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master experience for me was incredibly enriching to my body mind and soul. I feel more connected myself and to everyone around me and to nature. I feel like my brain is working better! My thoughts and intentions are clearer. Meditation seems easier to fall into. I also feel like manifesting and cultivating my dreams and goals are easier! I feel more beautiful on the inside and out. I feel so naturally happy! I feel like letting go of unhealthy attachments are easy.  Thank you a zillion times! I look forward to diving deeper into all that empowers me and the universe! All in all I feel great! Sierra

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