ART & REIKI Master Class

Note: This is a two day intensive class and both days are required to be taken together, even if you do not plan on teaching Reiki. The advanced class is on day 1 (Prepares level II practitioners to be advanced practitioners and passes the Usui Dai Ko Myo symbol) and the master class is on day 2 (Prepares level III advanced practitioners to be Reiki masters, passes the Holy Fire symbol which is a very healing and powerful experience. It also provides a foundation for teaching Reiki as well as conducting placements, experiences and ignitions to pass Reiki on to students.)

Day 1: ART (Advanced Reiki Training)
Day 2: Reiki Master Training
Duration: 2 days for Advanced and Master certification (16 hours)

Prerequisite to attend ART and Reiki Master training: Completion of Level 1 & II from any Reiki Lineage

Description: This course will increase the level of Reiki energy that flows through the practitioner. Students will begin to work with crystals, will learn how to create and use a crystal grid, learn a variety of Reiki techniques to remove negative energy blockages and learn techniques to balance the aura.

Day 1 Advanced Overview:
Learn and practice the Usui Dai Ko Myo advanced symbol
Receive the Dai Ko Myo Advanced attunement which clears blockages and retunes the student's energetic system, expands the aura and increases their access to esoteric information.
Practice techniques for using and programming crystals

Learn how to create a crystal grid to send continuous Reiki energy to heal people and situations
Learn and practice aura balancing techniques

Experience and practice using a crystal pendulum for removing blockages and balancing the aura (Exclusive! Only offered at Divine Spark)
Receive the Advanced Reiki III practitioner certification and official certificate

Day 2 Master Overview:
Receive the Holy fire Reiki Master Ignitions (2 ignitions)-Holy Fire is installed in the Dantian and above the crown Chakra. (a very powerful experience!)
Receive the Healing Fire ignition (a deeply healing experience)
Practice using the Holy Fire symbol in a session
Learn and practice passing placements, experiences & ignitions to pass Reiki on to students

Learn and practice how to administer a healing attunement
Receive sample class agendas and tools
Receive the Reiki Master certification and official certificate

Materials: Class materials and pre-work will be provided by Divine Spark and is included in the cost of class.

Tuition:  $500 (Save $25 for early registration)

Deposit: $100 is required to reserve your spot in class.   (Deposits or pre-payment can be made via paypal using the registration form. Contact Rachel if your would prefer to send a check.


Registration: Access the registration form here to enroll in one of our Reiki classes in Richmond VA

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