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Awaken Your Spirit
Meditation Experience with Light Codes

The Experience Includes: 

  • Enter a sacred and safe place using "light codes"

  • Shamanic techniques and meditation

  • Remove specific energy blocks, help you to relax, & relieve pain

  • Release tension, blockages, and trauma

  • You will receive a powerful light coded symbol which will help in releasing after the session


About Harleen Sandhu:

Hello, I'm Harleen Sandhu , a certified Meditation teacher,  sound bath practitioner, sacred symbol channeler, light language channeler, awakening activator and new energy therapist with a passion for holistic healing. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of hosting numerous events across the globe, including in vibrant cities like Dallas, DC, Bali, and Mexico. My diverse experiences have allowed me to connect with people from various cultures and backgrounds, fostering a rich tapestry of learning and spiritual growth. As someone deeply committed to sharing the transformative power of meditation  and energy  healing. I am passionate about creating transformative and immersive experiences

Class enrollment: This class size is limited to 9. 

Registration: Complete the registration form on this page to reserve your spot.

Class Date/Time: Tues Mar 19th 6pm

Energy Exchange: $33

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