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Distance Reiki

Okay, I know what your probable thinking... Distance Reiki? Really? But folks, it works. I too was a skeptic when I was first learning Reiki. It wasn't until I felt like I needed a Reiki session and booked a distance healing session with my Reiki Master. She lives in Palmyra Va. I laid down before the session began and was open to receiving. Then bam! I felt the same warmth and tingling energy flowing throughout my body. I immediately went into a relaxed meditative state. Afterwards, I felt more grounded, balanced and energized. Since this initial session, I have leveraged receiving distance healing throughout the years, to support me especially in times of stress or illness. It has been an extreme help to me and that is why I want to share this wonderful gift with you as well.

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance healing, or remote Reiki, is a simple way for a Reiki practitioner to direct Reiki healing energy to anyone, anywhere in the world, using the same intention as a local Reiki session. The energy is received immediately, as energy does not require time or distance; it is simply a function of how all life is connected.

What should I expect?

Distance Reiki sessions are paid in advance since you will not be coming into the office to receive the session. When booking online you can include any areas that you would like the practitioner to focus on during the session. Before the session begins, the practitioner will text you to let you know they are about to begin.

If possible, at the time of the Reiki session, find a place to sit or lay down to relax and receive Reiki. You will notice a wave of relaxation come over your whole being. Often times, you will feel warmth and/or tingling as the Reiki energy is sent to your body, chakras and energybodies.

Will I receive feedback from the practitioner?

After the session, the practitioner will text you their findings and recommendations.

When should I book a Distance Reiki session over an in-person session?

Illness: Distance Reiki sessions are wonderful if you are feeling unwell or are recovering from an illness.

Tune-up: Book a remote Reiki session if you want a quick tune-up.

Unable to come in for a session: If life gets busy or if you are out of town and feel like you could use a Reiki session, distance Reiki is a wonderful option.

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