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The Expanded Stellar Gateway Chakra

Stellar gateway chakra

The illuminated Stellar Gateway chakra is the most fantastical sight, when viewed from the angelic realms. As our guides, angels and other enlightened beings from 3rd Heaven and higher observe our progress, they have the pleasure of watching our light bodies blossom with our soul essence. An incredibly bright light shines from our fifth-dimensional chakra column as it draws the highest vibrations from all corners of the universe.

Everyone's chakra system is as unique as a finger print, emitting light of their individual soul mission for that lifetime.

Purpose of Stellar Gateway Chakra: Connects the individual soul in a physical body to the source of light from which they originate. This is the star or planet of origin. Previously, the crown chakra was in charge of receiving and processing the inflow of information given to us. However, as we progress into the fifth dimensional way of living, the Stellar Gateway takes this role. When it becomes active at the beginning of our ascension process, all our energy systems start to reroute their flow of light and power.

The Stellar Gateway transcends all dimensional boundaries of time and space. Its job is to provide us with frequencies that extend way beyond our current physical capacity. It is capable of accepting light from a ninth-dimensional source and stepping it down to a level that is comfortable for us. Because of this, many souls are making spiritual progress more quickly than they anticipated.

Color: Golden-Orange at the beginning of development and then as it develops it becomes a brighter hue as it is filled with frequencies of Christ Consciousness.

Location: 18in (45cm) above head

Archangel: Metatron

Our soul may send out requests for light and information and our Stellar Gateway will fulfill these. It also seeks out cosmic information for out soul growth. It helps to draw in new experiences for our learning process here on Earth.

Our Sun has a much greater purpose than to provide us with light and heat. It physically steps down ninth-dimensional light to a level with which Earth can cope, acting as a transformer for the higher light codes as they are distributed to us.

Planet: Mars and it's ascended aspect Nigellay. This planet radiates the light of the peaceful spiritual leader and its influence also helps to reflect and amplify the light.

In additional, our personal Stellar Gateway chakra is connected to the planetary Stellar Gateway chakra in the Arctic. This planetary portal rises in frequency to match the energy fields of Earth. When they rise in frequency, we do too.

How to Develop:

  • Meditate on the ninth dimensional Gold Ray of Christ to fill your body and seal your sacred space. Breathe this energy into every cell of your being.

  • Work with Archangel Metatron to fill this area with Christ Consciousness

  • Crystal: Work with Novaculite (aka Arkansas stone)

  • Read "The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery" (living in the fifth dimension) by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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