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5 Signs You May Need a Reiki Session

We've all had those times in our lives where we just don't feel like ourselves and could use a boost or reset. Here are 5 signs that you may need a Reiki session.

1) You Feel Off: Have you ever not quite felt like yourself. Whether you've lost your zest for life or are experiencing what feels like a personality change, you may be overburdened with energy that doesn't belong to you. Yes, energy is contagious and we can absorb or pick up energy in our Aura that can effect our emotions and create havoc in our day to day lives. Reiki can remove or transmute this energy to be utilized for our highest good, helping us to find our balance again.

2) It's Difficult to Focus: Often times when we are overwhelmed with energies that we've picked up on or absorbed it causes mental confusion which plays out as difficulty focusing. We feel scattered, unsettled, confused. Reiki can help balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and lift the energy causing cloudy thinking.

3) Negativity is Normal: If you've fallen into a pattern of constant negative thinking and emotions that include anger, frustration, sadness, paranoia, jealousy and a multitude of other negative patterns, it's time to get a Reiki session. The Reiki energy is wonderful at assisting us in lifting the energy creating these patterns so that we are able to effectively shift perspectives.

4) You're Depressed: If you feel like depression has seeped into your life for no logical reason or you've had difficulty getting relief through traditional methods such as talk therapy or medication, Reiki might just be what can help you push forward in a positive way.

5) You Have No Energy: Lack of energy even after the appropriate amount of sleep and good nutrition is a clear sign that something is off energetically. Remove the energy you've picked up and reinforce your energy with Reiki.

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