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Is Reiki a form of Massage?

I've often heard people refer to Reiki as Reiki Massage. I've even heard of massage practices offering Reiki Massage as a light touch massage treatment. This article will hopefully clarify the difference between Reiki and massage.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a form of energywork where the practitioner channels divine life force energy and directs that energy toward the client. The practitioner works within the client's aura or Human Energy Field HEF as well as the chakras to clear, balance and restore the energy for optimal functioning.

We know that everything in the universe is energy. We also know that energy can not be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed. During a Reiki session the client's energy is being transmuted and essentially healed. Once the energy is balanced the physical body will respond accordingly. On

e scientific explanation for this is that during a Reiki treatment the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. This is our body's natural healing system.

So back to the question, is Reiki massage? No. Although the practitioner may use gentle strokes or light pressure on the body, the goal isn't to manipulate the muscles or tissues. The Reiki practitioner's goal is to balance and clear energy. Gentle depotement, and movement of the limbs, for example, may assist with opening up energy channels. This allows the energy to move more freely which is the goal of the session.

During a massage the goal of the session can vary. Some clients come in for pain relief and others may be looking for stress relief. Massage focuses on manipulation of the tissue to relax the muscles fibers, increase circulation and reduce pain. The intention is slightly different from Reiki being that the goals are typically more physical in nature.

Some massage therapists incorporate Reiki or other Energywork into their massage therapy sessions. This type of integrated massage can be deeply healing.

All of Divine Spark's Massage Therapists are Reiki Masters, therefore you will always receive a healing touch during a Massage. We also offer a Massage with Reiki Bliss treatment that incorporates both.

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