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Squash Anxiety with Windgate Therapy

What is a windgate? Windgates are energy centers within the body that regulate the amount of wind or lom that circulates throughout the body. They are located in all of your major joints running along your circulatory system. Wind represents movement in the Thai healing system. Wind moves the blood and lymph, pumps the heart, aids in respiration and digestion. Too much wind and it can result in a racing heart beat, hyperventilation, racing thoughts, pain, headaches, and/or anxiety attacks. Windgates have been recognized by healing systems throughout the world for thousands of years, including Thai Healing Arts, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What is Windgate Therapy? Windgate therapy is recommended for clients with quick or racing thoughts, anxiety, scattered behavior patterns, nervous energy, insomnia, headaches and pain. Windgate therapy is an amazing ancient method that assists in balancing mental states, emotional well-being and physical vitality. Pulses are taken at the Aorta, Femoral and Brachial arteries as well as at secondary windgate pulses throughout the body to determine where there are blockages and imbalances to be cleared. Pressure is applied to these areas to reset the passageways so that they can operate more efficiently. Divine Spark combines Reiki with Windgate Therapy to ensure a steady energy flow throughout the whole body. Relax and find your balance with windgate therapy.

What are our clients saying?

After the session, I felt grounded, relaxed and centered. Any feelings of anxiety were gone.

Before the session, my thoughts were racing and I couldn't settle down. Afterwards, I felt clear, like myself again.

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Interested in trying Windgate Therapy? Book a Reiki with Windgate Therapy session here.

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