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The Expanded Causal Chakra

Causal Chakra

Location: Back of skull (a halo)

Color: Moon-white

The Expanded Causal Chakra is connected to the Moon and is like your own personal Moon, absorbing and radiating divine feminine light. It acts as a magnet for lunar light, drawing it directly into the four-body system. This raises your vibration and illuminates the deep feminine wisdom held within your soul. Since the Cosmic Moment in 2012, the causal chakras of all awakened souls have expanded rapidly.

The divine feminine is one of the most powerful energies that has been cascading onto Earth in recent times. This vibration of wisdom and compassion was withdrawn over 10,000 years ago and its loss dramatically affected humanity's journey. However, it is returning to all of us now and is dissolving the unbalanced masculine force allowing the heart to rule once more.

The Moon is playing a large and important role in this, for it is an ascended satellite that holds the higher aspects of the divine feminine. Ascended divine feminine masters are harvesting this pure and gentle feminine illumination at peak time and are flooding the Earth with waves of it to create softer possibilities.

The Moon also reflects the light of the Great Central Sun, known as Helios. This ninth-dimensional spiritual star sends light to Earth via our Sun. As this energy leaves Helios, it is divine masculine in vibration and balanced with the influence of Vesta, which is the divine feminine counterpart of the Central Sun system.

During full Moon periods, the powerful silver light pours into the minds of humanity and affects people profoundly, creating huge shifts in enlightenment in preparation for the new Golden Age.

As well as absorbing and spreading the divine feminine light, the causal chakra has another powerful purpose: it provides the seeker with a deep and intimate connection to the world of spirit. The level of this connection depends on the psychic gifts and individual has brought forward from their past lives. It is also contingent on their soul mission.

The causal also allows a two-way flow of energy and light from the angelic realms. This brings the angelic vibration to the individual and anchors it permanently.

Archangel Christiel is in charge of the development of the causal chakra and because this chakra is so important in the progress of humanity's enlightenment, he continues to work with us all on our journey to become enlightened masters.

As the light held within all souls grows brighter, Archangel Christiel brings even higher aspects of Christ consciousness into Earth's energy field. This light shines through the causal chakra and the center of the heart.

Resource: The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Master Living in the Fifth Dimension by Diane Cooper and Tim Whild

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