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Seeing Past Lives: The Akashic Records

Having psychic gifts has definitely impacted my Reiki practice in many amazing and sometimes unbelievable ways.

Besides the normal feelings of being guided during the healing sessions to address specific ailments, blockages or imbalances in the client, “work on their right hip”, “they have a weak liver”, "there are energy leaks in their abdomen from a previous surgery”; I began to see and hear things that could not be explained.

At first, I thought that perhaps I just have an overactive imagination but then I began sharing these detailed images with my clients and you won't believe what began to happen! The clients could relate to the visions I was sharing! In fact, deep healing was taking place.

“That's my grandmother” the client said after mentioning seeing a red head named Sarah who was extremely religious or “that's why I've always had a fear of water” after sharing a scene of seeing them drowning in a past life.

What I've discovered is that during approximately 80% of my Reiki sessions I slip into a trance state where I begin to peer into the Akashic records, a space on the astral plane where the life experiences of every human being since time began are stored. I'm only shown what is ready to be released. I can ask questions while I'm there to get insight on what is to be learned from the experience and how it has affected this life. At first, it's like I'm watching a movie and then I am able to interact with the characters.

When I first began my Reiki journey, I never expected for my healing sessions to evolve in the way that they have. I am amazed and sometimes sit in disbelief not able to wrap my head around where my life journey has taken me. Then I take a deep breath and realign with faith and trust that I'm being divinely guided to help others.

I hope have the opportunity to work with you.

With love and gratitude,


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