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Ancient Recipe with Healing Properties

Whait is a Thai Herbal Bodywork session and what are the benefits? Thai Herbal bodywork uses hot herbal compresses that are applied to the body to alleviate pain and inflammation by opening skin pores and transferring medicating heat to the muscles, joints and energy lines. Imagine being covered in herbal heating pads! Ahhhh

Herbal compress therapy helps to harmonize and relax the body, to loosen energy blockages. Smelling and inhaling the herb-infused vapors also induces deep relaxation. The herbs have a balancing effect on the mind, and help to reduce stress. Using hot compresses on the chest, throat and sinuses can also loosen mucus and open up the nasal passages.

The compresses are homemade with loving care, using an ancient Thai recipe which includes the following:

Tumeric: recuces inflammation, especially in the joints. Speeds up healing of wounds, calms allergic reactions to the skin, anti-inflamatory for bruises and sprains.

Cassumunar Ginger: helps with inflamation and trauma. It is beneficial for coagulation, contusions, sprains and strains.

Galangal: Nourishes the tissue, improves circulation and fortifies the blood.

Lemongrass: Calming to the heart and mind and relieves stress. Aids in dispersin stagnation and moves the blood.

Kaffir lime leaf: Beneficial for it's antiseptic properties and it's ability to clear toxins from the blood. It is a tonic for the heart-mind.

Camphor: Opens the pores and mucus membrane. Opens sinuses and relieves congestion. Has both a stimulating and calming effect on the mind.

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~Rachel Kloiber

Owner, Divine Spark LLC

(804) 615-2509

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