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What to expect in a massage therapy session?

What can I expect in a massage therapy session?

Knowing what to expect at your first Massage Therapy session will ease any anxiety you may have.

Before your massage session

The massage therapist will ask you to complete a two-page intake form. The purpose of this confidential form is to maximize the safety and effectiveness of your massage, not to pry into your background.

After the consultation

The massage therapist will ask you what your goals are for your massage therapy session. Are you experiencing stress and want to feel relaxed…Do you have knots or tightening in your neck, shoulders…Having back pain? Are you a runner with sore calves and/or thighs? The therapist will customize the massage each time adjusting the techniques and pressure to meet your unique goals whether it's relaxation, pain relief or increasing range of motion. Ultimately, we aim to help you feel your best.

After the consultation the practitioner will instruct you as to whether you should lie face up or face down under the sheet and blanket. The massage therapist will leave the room to give you privacy to undress to your level of comfort. The therapist will knock on the door prior to re-entering to ensure you are ready to begin your session.

The table is very comfortable and is equip with a memory foam pad and heating pad. The top sheet appropriately drapes you at all times. Only the part of the body that the therapist is working on exposed.

After the massage session

The therapist will allow you time to get dressed. After you are dressed, the therapist will enter the room and bring you some water. The massage therapist will then give you and overview of any areas that needed to be addressed during the session and will make recommendations to help keep you pain free and feeling great. These recommendations are called a treatment plan. The treatment plan may include, stretches, strengthening exercises or other life-style recommendations. The therapist will also give recommendations on how often you should receive massage based on what they found.

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what to expect in a massage?


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