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Why NYE Resolutions Fail + 3 Tips for lasting results

It's that time of year again.

Everyone is rushing to the gym and crowding the yoga studios. But why is it that come February there is a 50% drop in attendance. The bottom of our motivation falls out and we slowly turn back to old patterns and habits. Here are a few tips to avoid the failure trap and keep focused throughout the year:

1) Set specific and measurable goals

One of the biggest mistakes is setting vague goals. I want to lose weight or be healthier. What does that mean? By listing out descriptions of what those behaviors look like can help define and get a better picture of the 'what' it takes to get there.


"I want to lose weight."


"I would like to achieve a fit and trim figure which will allow me to fit into a size 'X'. This means I will:

  • Be more active: Engaging in bike rides, walks in the park, exercise videos at home and getting back into yoga at least 3 days a week.

  • Eat healthier: I will clear out my cabinets and fridge of processes food and food that is high in fat and carbohydrates.

  • I will select lower calorie options when eating out (i.e. chicken and fish over beef and bacon.) I will have vegetables with every meal. "

2) Make sure the goals are achievable & realistic:

If you worked out 2x a month on average last year, then setting a goal of 5x a week may be unrealistic to start. You can set yourself up for failure by burning out or feeling like you failed if you aren't able to hold your routine for the first month. Create goals that build over time. For example, a marathon runner doesn't start their training by running the whole distance of the marathon the first time out. Here is an example:

  • Week 1: Work out 3x a week for 30 min each

  • Week 2: Work out 3x a week for 40 min each

  • Week 3: Work out 3x a week for 45 min each

  • Week 4: Work out 3x a week for 60 min each

  • Month 2: Work out 4x a week for 30 min each

  • and so on...

3) Focus on one at a time!

Yes, you may be excited to make many changes in the New Year and feel motivated to do so (i.e. work out more, lose weight, be more social, read more, stop smoking, drink less, travel more, write more, go in nature more etc...) Studies on human behavior show that you will be more successful by focusing on 1 goal at a time for at least 21 days or until you feel satisfied you have achieved your goal before moving on to the next.

I hope these tips will help to pave a way to a Happy New Year indeed!

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why nye resolutions fail

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