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How often should I get a massage?

How often you should receive a massage is largely based on the goals of the session and the frequency and duration of the symptoms. Of course each client is different, therefore the recommendations will vary based on the initial assessment and observations and the treatment plan will be re-evaluated at each massage therapy session. Here are a few examples based on the specific goals of the session.

1) Relaxation and Stress Relief: The frequency for types of sessions is based on the client's personal preferences. For clients who experience a high-stress environment daily, they may find the most benefit receiving massage fro frequently such as once a week or once every two weeks. For clients who have incorporated healthy life-style choices to achieve balance, they may find that twice a month or once month is adequate for stress relief and relaxation.

2) Tight, Achy Muscles: Tight, achy muscles are often times a result of overuse such as working out or repetitive use such as sitting in a position for extended periods of time. Tighy, achy muscles can also be a result of lack of use. Pain patterns for these types of clients often appear in the neck, shoulders and lower back. We recommend that the client has a cadence twice a month until the symptoms reduce by 50% and then we would taper the session to once every three weeks and eventually once a month for maintenance.

3) Long Term Chronic Pain Relief and Injury Recovery: For clients who have experience chronic pain for a lengthy period of time or who are recovering from an injury we recommend sessions closer together. Of course, each case is unique and will vary based on a variety of factors. Generally, we recommend the client come in once to twice a week until the pain reduces by half. Then we would gradually space the session out to once a week to once every two weeks until they pain is minimized and range of motion is increased. We would gradually work towards a cadence once every two weeks and eventually once a month for maintenance.

The examples are general and give an idea of session frequency based on the goals of a massage session. Each client is thoroughly evaluated and re-evaluated at each session to ensure an optimal and effective treatment plan.

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