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Take the Stress out of your Bless this Holiday Season

It's easy to get swept away with a flurry of activities this time of year. Often times, we are left with a Holiday hangover come January. So what can you do to remedy this? Here are a few strategies to maintaining your balance this Holiday season.

1) Don't over commit: It's okay to politely say no or bow out of activities if you need the time for yourself. Do a daily check-in of your energy levels. If you find that you have a shorter fuse lately it may be a sign that you need to take a break. You can't pour from an empty cup, so taking time to recharge is a way that you can be more present for your friends, family and loved ones.

2) Be in the moment: It's easy to rush from one activity to another or quickly check items off your list and then move onto the next. Moving this quickly without taking a pause can put us into a fight for flight response causing, anxiety, insomnia and can eventually lead to burnout. Try having mindful moments where you tune into what you're doing. Wrapping presents? Notice the feel of the paper as you fold it, think about how the recipient will feel when they receive the gift, look at the colorful pattern of the paper, listen to the holiday music in the background, breath. Cooking dinner? Notice the color of the vegetables you are chopping, feel the knife in your hand as you slice, listen to the sound of each chop, smell the aromas. Just Breathe

3) Ask for what you need: Some of us are gifted with psychic ability but in most cases our loved ones can't read our minds. Make sure to communicate to those around you as to what you need. Here is what it might look like:

Hey, would you mind taking care of dinner tonight?

I have some concerns about that plan, would you mind if we discuss it?

Can I just vent for a minute? I just need someone to listen.

Would you mind helping with this?

I can tell that you're angry and I care about you. I would prefer if we discuss this later so that we're both in a better mood/mindset.

I would really enjoy going for a walk. Can you watch the kids for 20 minutes?

4) Keep is simple: Simplify plans as you can.

Food prep: You don't need to make the 15 side dishes that your grandma made. It's ok to simplify or even buy premade food if it takes the pressure off of you. Or ask others to bring side dishes or appetizers to the event.

Gift giving: A great way to take the stress out of your bless during the holiday season is to simplify gift giving by coming up with a theme and then stick to it. Here are some theme ideas:

Dinner and a movie: buy movie tickets and a gift cert for a restaurant

Holiday comforts: create a basket or gift bag with treats like cocoa, cookies, coffee, chocolates etc

Dinner out: buy gift cards to everyone's favorite restaurant

Homemade goodness: make or buy cookies, brownies and other yummy treats and make treat boxes for everyone

Tea time: Include herbal teas blends and cookies

Create your own or decide as a family to donate to a charity instead of exchanging gifts.

What are some ways that you take the stress out of your bless? Scroll to the bottom of this page and share in the comments.

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Wishing you all a most blessed holiday season!

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