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Lessons Learned Through Covid-19

Most of us have experienced major shifts through the Covid-19 pandemic. In mid March we were confronted with a stay-at-home order, with schools closing and many of our social outlets closing (restaurants, gyms and other recreational institutions.) Many of of us were financially impacted with the loss of a job or were forced to close our business temporarily. Our routines and sense of security were challenged in a major way. Although, it was an emotional roller coaster learning to adjust and adapt to the new norms, many lessons were learned.

Through all of this we were given the opportunity to do some soul searching, to slow down, to examine our lives-what is important to us and new ways to spend our time. Many had the chance to spend quality time with their families. People who never gardened before began growing their own food and cooking. There was more time to meditate, to do yoga, to read, to explore hobbies, to veg out on Netflix or to simply relax and just be.

People began to take a stand for what they believed in, for racial equality, for a greater sense of community, for the greater good of all. Yes, there was violence but mostly it has been a beautiful evolution of humanity and a coming together globally. So yes, Covid-19 hasn't all been bad. In fact, it has in many ways transformed us individually and collectively.

What can we take away from all of this after the pandemic is long gone?

1) Slow down: Don't rush to fit in an overwhelming amount of activities into each day. Take time to do the things you love and the things that are the most important to you. Don't feel obligated to do it all or keep your dance card full as my Mom used to say.

2) Foster Relationships: Spend quality time with those that you love. Foster the relationships that are important to you. Minimize or eliminate time with toxic friends. Nobody has time for that.

3) Innovate to Communicate: Break down barriers by utilizing technology to communicate. Check in with friends and colleagues across the world using video conferencing apps or simply a phone call.

4) Less is more: Instead of spending money on expensive dinners out every weekend, stay in and spend quality time with those that you love. Create memories by making dinner together, doing a creative project or planting a garden.

I know what you may be thinking. Here goes Rachel going all Pollyanna again but consider this first. My husband asked his paternal Grandmother a question before she died. People say that everything happens for a reason. What do you think? She responded, I think everything happens for a lesson. If we could take these words of wisdom to heart and continue to examine what the lesson is, then perhaps we will continue to evolve.

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