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You don't have to be in pain!

So, there I was, sitting in the sun at the pool last weekend. I was with a few friends and couldn't help but to over hear a couple of pool members discussing their aches and pains. I felt like Flo from that progressive commercial. I couldn't help but to get up and talk with them about what might possibly be going on from a muscular skeletal (soft-tissue) perspective. I handed them business cards and encouraged them to come in.

I remember saying "you don't have to be in pain."

I could feel that they didn't believe me 100% and hey, I can't blame them. We get so used to the daily aches and pains and have memories of our parents or grandparents telling us about how bad knees run in the family etc. We almost expect that at a certain age, things are going to begin to go down hill but they don't have to. Are we programmed to expect pain?

Massage is an amazing way to get the 'tune-up' that you need to feel your best. It nourishes the muscle tissue, increasing circulation, improving range of motion, removing adhesions and trigger points. It releases endorphins which reduce the amount of pain we feel.

If you're experiencing aches and pains on a daily or regular basis I highly recommend that you try regular massage (once every two weeks until the pain subsides by 50%, then we can move the sessions farther apart.)

Here are the types of massage I recommend:

For injury recovery & chronic pain: I recommend Thai Massage, Tok Sen Massage and Therapeutic Massage

For pain that is from an unknown or mystery source: I recommend Massage & Reiki bliss and Thai Massage

For tight muscles or feeling restricted in movement and range of motion: I recommend Thai Massage

For fibromyalgia: I recommend Himalayan Salt Stone massage & Massage & Reiki bliss

For tight muscles from working out or dense muscle tissue: I recommend cupping, scraping or a cupping & scraping massage

Do you have something else going on? or do you have questions? Contact us

Does massage help with pain? See the research: Learn more

What is Thai Massage? Learn more

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